Watching grass and Conference woes.

The Young Man
The Young Man

The Man’s health  is declining but he is not making it any easier to help him. He resists every attempt to be nice to him and help him. I have stopped taking him out with me because I have to watch him like a Hawk – not for his benefit but for mine. He cannot walk in a direct line but wanders about the place crossing back and forth in front of me or  so close to my legs that I have to stop. My fear is that I wont see him because  of some distraction and it’s me that will go head first into the roadway.  Bitumen hurts!  I don’t know what to do. He is not the lovable little Man that we knew and loved and that’s a worry. This is like living with a  stranger,  one that wanders around in circles. Actually, Chienne walks away from him and goes outside and sleeps in the Dog House rather than listen to him yelping. It’s not a question of medication because he is getting the right medication for his age and weight – he is less than  3 kilo. Despite all his problems at the moment, he is still My Dog and it’s still my responsibility to take care of him – even when he bites :o) My theory about that is that when he wakens up from his sleep he has no idea where he is and no idea who I am, which means that if I try to touch him he may well see me as someone who is trying to attack him and responds accordingly. He sleeps most of the time now so we ensure that his bed is as comfortable as we can make it for him.

I did not go to Adelaide as I was supposed to on Wednesday. I wont have the same luxury this coming weekend when I really do have to be in Adelaide. Fortunately my son is coming with me so he can have a turn at the driving. Apart from the Conference I want to get the sleeve for the Hills Hoist, a cleaner for the driveway, some stationery at Koorong as well as some things for my Filofax at Office Choice. John wants to go to the computer warehouse to get the components he wants to build his computer, so all in it will be a busy weekend. Fortunately, things are starting to calm down and I only have three more days in Adelaide – the coming one – one in November and the last one in December. That should be me until February of next year. If I do go to Adelaide it will be because I want to do something or get something there rather than have to – if that makes sense  :o) The trouble with living so far away from anything – and being a One Horse State – our shops only stock a limited amount of “sellable” stationery and other things. Anything out of the  “ordinary “means a trip to Adelaide or order on line. Much of the things I want for my Filofax, I have to order on line from the USA (Pens & Leather)  or from Filofax U.K. I have, however, ordered a new Leather Binder from Holland – a sort of move away from Filofax – but not a complete break since I will use both, the  Van Der Spek  and the Filofax although it really wont make all that much difference since I will still have difficulties in getting supplies whatever I do.

Spring is being its usual obnoxious self. We were warm and sunny, then it took a turn for the worse and just as we were getting used to the warmth, it  was cold and wet and miserable again – rain and high winds. Still, according to the news this morning, Sydney got a bit of a battering. Then, just to keep us on our toes, the forecast for the coming week is warm to hot with temperatures reaching the high 30s during the  forecast period. Nice pleasant weather for driving.

It was a good drive down and traffic was fairly light. We drove directly to Elizabeth and John ordered the things he wanted or needed to build his computer Driving into Adelaide I managed to get to the stationery shop and get the things I wanted, then drive out to Bunnings and get the  sleeve unit for the Hills Hoist. After booking into the hotel we walked into town and get some other odds and ends. Nice quiet night at the

The way home
The way home

hotel.  The following morning  John dropped me off then drove back to Elizabeth to get the things he ordered.  Personally, I think he got the better of the bargain for the day. I think I would have had a much better time watching grass grow. I would love  not to go there  but there is no one else – and that’s not an excuse, it’s a sad fact. John picked me up at 12:15 and we drove home. It wasn’t until after we were on the road that he told me that a couple of people were trying to get him to talk me into staying for lunch – which I will not do. You can judge how much importance he placed on this by waiting until we were on the road home before he told me.

4 thoughts on “Watching grass and Conference woes.

  1. I’m so sorry that the man is struggling. The last few months of my Dina’s life were tough too. She didn’t bite, thank God, but she paced a lot and peed everywhere and fell halfway down the stairs once. I think that was the beginning of the end, for me, because I realized she wasn’t going to get any better. It still took a while to make a decision, though. You’ll know when it’s time to let go, but that doesn’t make it any easier to do.


  2. The upside is that he has no teeth, so the bites are not a problem and I still hand fed him his treat each morning and sneak in his medication :o) The main problem at the moment is that he keeps getting trapped in corners. He walks into the corner of a room and because he can’t use his back legs all that well he has difficulty in backing out, so he yelps until someone comes and rescues him :o) It’s like having a mechanical pet at times – lift him up, turn him round, set him down and off he goes again. At the moment it’s not yet time.


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