Passion and Purpose- the road to take me home.

I have known many people who have  said unkind words and wished them could take them back, but of course, they cannot. I, on the other hand, sometimes say things, or express views  that perhaps say more than I intended to, and this too cannot be undone. I very rarely say unkind things, but I perhaps  open slightly more than I intended to.  Of course, when you are the one doing the writing, this is not too much of a concern because you always have control over what you write and you always have the option of changing what you have written, even after it is posted. However if you are responding to the post of another, you only get one opportunity to make corrections, or alter sentiments or expressed view and the moment you hit “post” that opportunity is lost forever. However, I often think of the story of Solomon and the Ring and I take comfort from that -” Gam Zeh Ya’avor” This too shall pass / Joy and gladness, Sorrow and pain, all things will pass, nothing lasts forever.  Oh I don’t know though — I remember reading an old Egyptian Proverb  “Man fears time. Time fears the Pyramids”

Lovely Day!
Lovely Day!

20170113_074724Last night there were dire warnings about a weather front moving in, which was bringing  high winds and severe rain. Well I took the dogs out last night and the sky, while not the best, was reasonably clear – a bit humid and sticky but otherwise ok, no sign of rain and  only a light breeze. This morning, all was quiet and I got the dogs and myself ready to go out and down it came and it has been raining for the last two hours – no wind to speak of, but lots of rain. I hope the rain does not last all day and that no flights are grounded.  Yogi’s parents are due home today and Yogi goes home tomorrow morning. Really, he has not been a lot of trouble and he and Benji get on well together. He’s a quiet,  lovable thing although I do so wish he would not express this love and affection by bouncing all over me at 4am. Still only one more day. Last feeding time at the Zoo chaos tonight, then he goes home tomorrow. Give them time to get home and settled down and recover and then get the dog back in the morning – provided there are no flight delays because of the weather..It is now 10am and the rain has stopped for the moment, but as I remarked, I don’t think, that despite all this rain, it has not cooled down any and there certainly was no danger from any wind – not even a slight breeze.

Well, the  predicted “Storm of the Decade”kind of fizzled out. The weather Pixies said 60mm of rain and we got about 20mm – Adelaide Hills which they said could be flooded got about 12mm,

Scruffy, the Beautiful
Scruffy, the Beautiful

no wind – barely even a gentle breeze – the difference between a computer program and Mother Nature. Picked up Jim and Faye at the Airport and took them home. They will pick up Yogi tomorrow. I have to remember to remove the spare harness from Yogi after his walk tonight.

jamisonI was so sad to hear about Jamison. Christmas told me and the da Phenny confirmed the sad news. We have lost a lot of  furfriends lately. I think we have to love and look after  those we have whilst they remain with us.  I have been thinking of some things of late and I miss all of my dogs and I have fond memories of them all – some perhaps a little more than others.


11 thoughts on “Passion and Purpose- the road to take me home.

  1. Scruffy is indeed The Beautiful! I’m intrigued by your first paragraph – do you feel that you have made comments that gave too much information? Love the pics – it has snowed here so everyone is uncomfortable and cranky, but I love it!


    1. Yes I think I sometimes do -without meaning to. One tends to get caught up in the emotion of things. Scruffbag was an adorable dog and a frustrating one at times. I would wash her, cut her nails, groom her and put her back down on the floor – one good dog shake and hair went everywhere again. We loved her dearly. She had such a wonderful, loving nature. How are the wedding plans progressing?


  2. it’s amazing that we had a storm the same time, although we are on the other side of your slice earth… wonder if it was the same one?
    my heart is heavy today too… and it makes me so sad that noodles family lost a furkid again…


    1. I think you must have got the storm instead of us – it was a non-happening here / The storm that never happened. I think all our hearts are heavy – a loss to one is a loss for us all and we all feel the sadness.


  3. Glad your world will return to normal shortly. One down, one to go…with the Wa-Wa. We were all heartbroken at the tragic loss of Jamison. Losing a fur-iend is always rough, but I think this one was especially hard giving his horrific injuries. A loss like this is always so sad and trigger thoughts of the pets we’ve lost over the years. I don’t think we ever forget, we just try to adapt to the loss.

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    1. Yes, Yogi home today but the WaWa – well that’s a different kettle full of fishes. Given the current employment issues here in South Australia, I really do not see this being attended to any time soon. I think we will have to accept the fact that the WaWa is going to be here for quite some time and act accordingly. It would be great if they could get back, but, really, I don’t see it happening for some considerable time.

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