Passion and Purpose- the road to take me home.

I have known many people who have  said unkind words and wished them could take them back, but of course, they cannot. I, on the other hand, sometimes say things, or express views  that perhaps say more than I intended to, and this too cannot be undone. I very rarely say unkind things, but I perhaps  open slightly more than I intended to.  Of course, when you are the one doing the writing, this is not too much of a concern because you always have control over what you write and you always have the option of changing what you have written, even after it is posted. However if you are responding to the post of another, you only get one opportunity to make corrections, or alter sentiments or expressed view and the moment you hit “post” that opportunity is lost forever. However, I often think of the story of Solomon and the Ring and I take comfort from that -” Gam Zeh Ya’avor” This too shall pass / Joy and gladness, Sorrow and pain, all things will pass, nothing lasts forever.  Oh I don’t know though — I remember reading an old Egyptian Proverb  “Man fears time. Time fears the Pyramids”

Lovely Day!
Lovely Day!

20170113_074724Last night there were dire warnings about a weather front moving in, which was bringing  high winds and severe rain. Well I took the dogs out last night and the sky, while not the best, was reasonably clear – a bit humid and sticky but otherwise ok, no sign of rain and  only a light breeze. This morning, all was quiet and I got the dogs and myself ready to go out and down it came and it has been raining for the last two hours – no wind to speak of, but lots of rain. I hope the rain does not last all day and that no flights are grounded.  Yogi’s parents are due home today and Yogi goes home tomorrow morning. Really, he has not been a lot of trouble and he and Benji get on well together. He’s a quiet,  lovable thing although I do so wish he would not express this love and affection by bouncing all over me at 4am. Still only one more day. Last feeding time at the Zoo chaos tonight, then he goes home tomorrow. Give them time to get home and settled down and recover and then get the dog back in the morning – provided there are no flight delays because of the weather..It is now 10am and the rain has stopped for the moment, but as I remarked, I don’t think, that despite all this rain, it has not cooled down any and there certainly was no danger from any wind – not even a slight breeze.

Well, the  predicted “Storm of the Decade”kind of fizzled out. The weather Pixies said 60mm of rain and we got about 20mm – Adelaide Hills which they said could be flooded got about 12mm,

Scruffy, the Beautiful
Scruffy, the Beautiful

no wind – barely even a gentle breeze – the difference between a computer program and Mother Nature. Picked up Jim and Faye at the Airport and took them home. They will pick up Yogi tomorrow. I have to remember to remove the spare harness from Yogi after his walk tonight.

jamisonI was so sad to hear about Jamison. Christmas told me and the da Phenny confirmed the sad news. We have lost a lot of  furfriends lately. I think we have to love and look after  those we have whilst they remain with us.  I have been thinking of some things of late and I miss all of my dogs and I have fond memories of them all – some perhaps a little more than others.


Associates, Hospitals and Shopping Centres

I was in a hurry so I took the coach!

I forgot and I downloaded mail on another computer which means that I cannot access it  here. I know,”what’s this got to do with anything?” well, one of the things I downloaded was a post called “Tribute to Twitch” , one of the saddest posts about a dog I have read in a long time. She looked such a lovely Lady, with big sad eyes, who would have been loved and cared for if her “new Mum” and friends had gotten her out of Afghanistan in time. Sadly this didn’t happen and I think the sad thing is not knowing when she died, where she died or even how she died. My very first dog, when we came to Australia, was  a “Bitsa” but she was the most adorable dog we ever had. She was “Scruffy” and  did she live up to her name. We would bath her, clip her and she would look neat and tidy – for all of seven seconds until she shook herself and the hair just went everywhere again.  She was actually part Australian Silky Terrier ;  she was loved by everyone and she had such a calm , placid nature . Even now when I picture her in my head, I still miss her – after  nearly twenty years, I still miss her.

It has been confirmed that at the end of the month I will simply stay in Adelaide and not come home one day only to have to go back down the next day and back home the day after – 1318 kilometres. Now it seems this is presenting problems in that we have just had word that Herself is required to be at the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) for x-rays and tests at the Trauma Clinic – 4 years review- on the 28th May – right in the middle of the Assembly.  However, we telephoned them right away and managed to get the x-rays and tests  re-scheduled to first week in August. Whenever we go it will require an overnight stay because she has to have one x-ray in the morning and based on the results of that, the blood tests in the afternoon. About a week before we are due to go down I’ll organise to have a wheelchair.  No, she does not need a wheelchair generally, but spending a day wandering around the rabbit warren that is the Royal Adelaide Hospital, is just too much for her. When we have gone down there I have in the past taken a wheelchair because trying to get one at the RAH is next to impossible. When we do go, one of the boys will come over and stay the night and look after the dogs. The good thing about having the wheelchair is that she has no excuse about going into the Shopping Mall   :o)  A sort of “Captive Audience” in a manner of speaking..

The rain it falleth on the Just.

Scruffy was the first ever Australian dog. She was a stray that someone found and my sister suggested that I might take her. I was a bit reluctant at first but she sort of grew on us and we had her for over 12 years. She left a very big hole when she died. We thought we had gone some way to filling it when we took Buster, and for a while it seemed ok. When I was away my son took him out for long walks. One night when he came home he noticed that the biscuit dish was empty so he started to fill it and as he did so the dog attacked him and opened up a nasty cut on his face. My wife got him to the hospital and he had a few stitches. She telephoned me and told me what had happened and that no one really trusted him any more and that she herself was a bit scared of him. I told her to take him to the RSPCA, which she did. I came home for a while a week or so later.

Misty was a rescue dog – a West Highland Terrier Cross – and we loved her. Sadly she had a troubled and abused past and she was not with us very long – we looked after her for about five years. I became so attached to her and I missed her.  After Misty came Chienna and then Mannie and these are our dogs today. At the moment they are inside sleeping. It’s been  raining  for the last two days –  raining to the extent that it is necessary to beware of falling animals if one goes outside  :o)

The rain it falleth on the just and on the unjust fella

But more upon the just because the unjust stole the just’s umberlla

All about dogs – past and present.

This is my Main Man – the MalteseTerrorist!

I have had both of my dogs for over ten years now. Chienna we bought when she was seven weeks old, Mannie we rescued from the Pound and, according to the Vet. at the time, he was about 18 months to two years. Over the years they have been great associates and I  miss them when I have to go away – even just for a couple of days. Thankfully that does not happen too often these days and the last two meetings have been cancelled.  When I come home after being away for a couple of days I get out the car and into the house and the dogs are going nuts and even my wife tells me “Go out and see your associates before they go crazy” so I do. Once I have settled the dogs down again I can then talk about the trip and the meetings to my wife . Generally, when I am not working, I take the dogs out twice a day – first thing in the morning , sometimes when it’s still dark, and later in the evening after we have all been fed, wife, me and dogs. The little one – the Maltese – is, I think, starting to show his age. Either that or he is a very good little conman because I have to carry him for a little while until he gets his second wind. He starts off well, but halfway through the walk, he starts to slow down and I have to carry him for a little while. It’s ok – he’s not heavy –  Ohhh a song title I believe.. If I am working, it’s only once –  in the evening. In the summer when it’s hot I carry a pack with me which contains two bottles of water and a dish – one bottle for me. In the last 34 years I have had five dogs including the present two. The previous dogs were Misty, a West Highland Terrier  Cross that we rescued, Buster an Australian Cattle Dog that attacked my son, and Scruffy, a bitsa that was given to me. She was a doll and everyone adored her. Unfortunately  I do not have any photographs of Scruffy on line. I must attend to that sometime. I am also Secretary of the local branch of the Royal Flying Doctors Service, fundraising group but , hopefully, that’s about to end soon. I have decided not to stand for re-election but knowing how this group is with no one willing to take a position, I expect I will be secretary again, although I would like to think not.

Do you have to point that thing at me?