Arrium, Brunch and Misty Days

For much of last week and for what remains of this week, I have been playing gofer.

“Would you go to the supermarket and get me more flour”

“Why do you need so much flower? We’re supposed to feed ém not fatten ém!”

“Well if I don’t have flour I can’t make scones”

“Will that be one bag or two?”

Anyway,  think part of the reason this weekend went so quickly is that we had a function and I spent much of the week helping  and running back and forward to the supermarket for supplies. Then we had the function, and the  relaxation after that before reality crept in and we remembered we have a big function this coming weekend  (Sat. 17th) – This is the  Brunch Weekend! More running around.  Probably just as well, the mornings and evenings are cold -1 / -3 c  cold. This morning, for example, it was -1c but there was also a heavy mist – we don’t get fog – and visibility down to about 35 yards. We did go out for a walk this morning- despite the cold and the mist – and Benji seems to be turning into a ten feet dog – he is currently  incapable of walking for more than ten feet  and he stops, has a sniff and a pee. I keep telling him he’s wasting valuable coffee time, but it just doesn’t seem to make an impression. It was interesting walking in the mist – everything was so quiet. Haven’t done that in a long while.

Hello peeple..

The WaWa is not getting any better . Yes, I seem to have become her BFF but at the expense of Benji. Her Jealousy is such that she will go for Benji if he come near me when she is around. Benji has turned on her a few times and I once had to physically remove him as he had her pinned down. I would really like to say that it made a difference but almost as soon  I got him off her she went straight at him again. From time to time I muzzle her when it gets too much and that does make a difference, but it’s not ideal and I don’t enjoy doing it. And before you ask, yes it was from the Vet and it is fitted to her,  but the WaWa believes that this is her house and Benji is an intruder. I still have an insanely optimistic  view that it will settle down and they will become friends. Armed neutrality would be an improvement.

The preferred offer for the purchase of Arrium is the bid from South Korea but there are still some things to work through yet. They have said that they will spend the necessary funds to upgrade the operations and that could be good for employment in the town. They have a very different method of operation, which is also very successful and they may introduce this system here in a planned upgrade.  It could also assist in getting Sooah back if there are additional employment opportunities.

Relaxing in the car

I have come to the conclusion that although the WaWa is my new BFF, this last year has not been fair on Benji. The only times he is safe from her is when he’s out with me or when he’s here in the room with me. If it is a nice day Bernji and me will go outside with the  disc player and we will sit together on the garden swing and listen to Sinatra.  So, if Sooah did return  and wanted the dog back, I would hand her over, but I rather suspect she would have a difficult time with her, because she is certainly not the WaWa she left with us fourteen months ago.

Monday and another very  heavy mist morning with visibility reduced to about 20+ feet. These days I cut the walk short and do not go to the end because I dislike not being able to see the bush ( land) on either side of me once I have cleared the houses. However I make up for the lost area by doing a circle of the block before I start the morning walk, so he’s not getting short changed :o)

The Brunch on Saturday went very well and we catered for about 70 people. We ran out of sandwiches and I did offer to go to the shop and get bread, butter and things for sandwiches but we had plenty of cakes, scones and biscuits. Have no idea the final figure of what we raised but I expect I  will find out soon enough.

12 thoughts on “Arrium, Brunch and Misty Days

  1. It’s a little bittersweet to get a BFF for such a price… but maybe there is a trick how to include another BFF and to become the three musketerrs somehow ;o) but probably the wawa is like Phenny who says two is company three is a crowd while growling at mark ;o)


    1. Oh no, no no. There will never be a third dog. Two is bad enough well this two at any rate. I keep thinking that things will settle down and provided I manage the interaction between the two, we can have a reasonable peace. The only time there will be a third dog is when our friend goes on holiday and we look after her dog for a week or so.


      1. LOL, Well, that’s different. I’ll be in that. I gets to be Aramis and Annabell can be Milady de Winter :o))


    1. Yes it was fun and very well attended. All the cakes and biscuits were home made so that always goes down well. Everyone who helped did a really great job. I helped set up the main table with the food and helped to refresh it as plates were cleared. It was all good.

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  2. I’m sorry that the WaWa and Benji don’t get along. Have you consulted a trainer to get some ideas as to how to mitigate the hostility? Sounds like your fundraiser went well. That’s always nice when your hard work pays off.


    1. Yes it all went very well and everyone was pleased — and I got my scones, some even with shredded cheese. Annabell was not feeling the best so she stayed home but I still paid for her as well as myself.

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  3. So sorry the little miss is such a pill. While you have a small 10 ft. dog, I have a 5 ft. dog. One who is stubborn and big enough to jerk me into a stop. That crazy dog. We will keep our fingers crossed all goes well with the Arrium sale and that Sooah returns and collects her devil dog.


    1. Little miss WaWa is a problem and if Sooah does return she is in for a bit of a shock because, as I said, it is a very different dog from the one she left. The Arrium Saga continues and the British Consortium has put in a second bid, which is reported to be “Substantially” higher than the Korean offer. It’s not over yet.

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