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Arrium, Brunch and Misty Days

For much of last week and for what remains of this week, I have been playing gofer. “Would you go to the supermarket and get me more flour” “Why do you need so much flower? We’re supposed to feed ém not fatten ém!” “Well if I don’t have flour I can’t make scones” “Will that […]

Ladies Brunch & Cancer Support

Wednesday:  Yes it’s still Wednesday and it’s still wet. It has been raining for most of the night and it’s still raining now. Needless to say Benji and I did not go out for our morning walk. If it stops during the course of the morning I will take him for a walk around the […]

Rain and Gala Night.

There are times when I think Mother Nature goes out of her way to contradict me. Only the other day ( yesterday in fact) I was saying that the rain seems to pass away from us and today – yes — it’s chucking it down. Tonight is the Mayoral Gala and apart from Showcasing arts […]