5 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. So true! I read somewhere that this generation won’t have memories of experiencing things, but will have memories of taking pictures of things that happened. That’s so sad. But I understand it. It’s all about getting the perfect picture and not truly experiencing what you are doing. I find I do that when I am trying to get pictures of Tippy for her blog. So, I try to make sure I also take time just to have fun and enjoy.


  2. It is so true.. I remember seeing a variation of the famous dispatch by Julius Caesar – “Came. Saw, Conquered” === Came, Saw, Took a selfie. Last year when the boys and I travelled the Great Ocean Road, we stopped at the Twelve Apostles – Limestone columns isolated from the land by the actions of the sea. Anyway, place was crowded with selfie sticks everywhere. I think for this generation it’s a sort of proof of being – wherever. It;s not good enough to take a photograph of a place, you have to be in it to prove you were actually there.


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