Wednesday again.

What? come between a Crazy Cat Lady and her and her cat??


8 comments on “Wednesday again.

  1. drink more wine than her …. that’s the only way to survive ;O))) happy valentines day


  2. That certainly puts one on the horns of a dilemma. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Benji❣️


  3. Thank you. Yogi has gone back home so he’s back to having the house all to himself. Hope the Ninja is recovered..


  4. Never seen a car look so alarmed!


  5. I call my girls my “babies” ALL the time, not just after a bottle of wine. But I DON’T dress them up (except for raincoats when it’s pouring down rain). Does that make me crazy? Yes? Oh well. So be it. My girls love me anyway.


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