Home – Feet up.

It was a very hectic time with meetings not only every day but several meetings per day in one instance. Added to this was the fact that on the Thursday when I left the temperature was hitting a  a hot 46c. On Wednesday we had 44c and I was out  doing things for the RFDS. On Thursday I drove down to Adelaide and thankful that the car A/C was working well. I paid a visit to the Wine cellar,  then headed off to Bunnings. At least at Bunnings I was able to use the  gift cards that the boys bought me for Christmas.  On Friday the  temperature was again 44c and I had a meeting at West Terrace and spent several hours in the sunshine since this particular meeting was  to determine the state of disrepair of several places and the work needed to restore and repair the structures. On Saturday the temperature was a mere 30c  and I had three meetings. However, I got away as quickly as I was able and headed for home to get there before it got really dark. I hate driving north when it’s dark in hot weather – Kangaroos become a problem. I normally would have spent another night in Adelaide and headed home in the morning but we

The lower Flinders Ranges.

had a special service at church on the Sunday and I needed to be home for that.

The Wetlands

It took me days to catch up on everything and I think I managed to do just that. There was 87 thousand emails  but I figured sleep was for wimps and got through them. Part of the week was also spent  with Benji  the beach – the lighthouse and the wetlands. He got a bit upset when I went out without him several times,  but I was going shopping and I don’t want to leave him in the car. Monday after I came back I picked up Jim and Fay from the airport – home from their two week holiday with family in Perth (Western Australia). On Tuesday afternoon they came over and collected Yogi. It was mixed feelings really – glad he was going home with his family, but sad that I’ll miss him. He is a friendly little character and he and Benji get on well, so I’m always happy to look after him..

The beach wasn’t  so good this week – less of a beach with sand and more of an area covered in seaweed and seagrass. We do get a beach with sand from time

The Jim Pollock Memorial
The Foreshore

to time, but this wasn’t that time. Certainly it has been a little while since I have taken the dogs down to the Wetlands – not in the extreme heat that we had. I was amazed at the loss of water from the area and it showed. I was also disappointed  that the black swans had gone, but not only that, most of the bird life had  gone. There were, generally, a lot of ducks and I have taken photographs of them in the past,  but there was none. All that was there was seagulls. I did  photograph the new memorial to Jim Pollock, the Mayor who died a year or so ago.  He was a mayor – he was always well turned out, well liked and respected be everyone he look good and inspired confidence.  His death was sudden and he is well missed.  I also noticed that there was an area under construction a there had been talk of  building a cafe at the Wetland to make the area more family and tourist friendly. This could be it, but there was nothing to indicate what it is.

Anyway, barring any emergency, I wont be traveling again

Fine Winter day (Last Year)

until early May. This will be to  Naracoorte. Not quite Mount Gambier but at least through much of the Limestone Coast, Coonawarra  and Padthaway — not complaining  0:) However, we are moving from Mount Gambier to Naracoorte for the May Conference to accommodate the Adelaide people who are concerned about driving through winter  misty conditions on the way to Mount Gambier. I shall do my very best to think kindly of them as I drive through winter  mist and fog on the Eyre Highway on my way down to Adelaide.

2 thoughts on “Home – Feet up.

  1. Hopefully the temps will calm down to something less oppressive. Cheers on making it back home and no Roos were injured. Have a splendid weekend and give my favorite fella who wags his tail a nice long ear rub.


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