3 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. We started a program called “Do Not Call” where you could register with this and you wont get any junk calls from telemarketers. For a while it worked very well, then it was discovered that there were no consequences if the marketers did call, so, now it’s back to what it was before. In our case the Call Centres are in India, so really, what can we do?


  2. Bwahaha. Boy isn’t that the truth! We have the same problem in the states. Do Not Call means, except for…everyone. 😬So irritating. And because we’ve entered the political season, campaigns are specifically exempt from that rule. I mostly try to be polite but forceful in asking them to remove me from their call lists. Don;t know if or for how long it will work, but keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck!


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