The May Travels – coming home.

Well, a simple mistake :o)

After a good shower, coffee and breakfast I set off from Tailem Bend. It was close to 7am before I got on the road and I couldn’t help reflecting that had I been in Adelaide I would have been leaving  Port Wakefield by this time. Anyway, the first little while the weather was not too bad, but, sadly it didn’t last and  it started raining. When it wasn’t raining  I was driving through a heavy mist and the windscreen wipers were given a good workout, The thing I really dislike about the South Eastern Freeway is the descent from Crafers to the City – a long steep 15 klm long descent and there have been quite a few accidents in this section of the freeway and quite a few  people have died. I really don’t like this part of the journey. That part of the journey over, I drove directly to Port Wakefield – a  distance of 230 klms  from Tailem Bend.  I had a break for fuel and food then started on the  drive to Port Augusta. The  rain had largely  ended – the odd light shower, but  that was about it. I did not  phone Annabell because she would be at church. I thought of a further break at  the Tin Man but decided against it and  went through to Port Augusta. Here I did have a break and made a call to Annabell, to let her know where I was and that I would be home in about 40 minutes. I only generally stay in one hotel – twice  – and that’s because it is a Motel and I can park the car right outside the room. You see, I do not travel light – I never have and it can be kind of embarrassing walking in and out to the car to get baggage and cases. So I stay in a Motel and generally good quality cabins. Here in Australia, cabins in leisure parks generally cost about as much as a motel room, so It’s not a money saving exercise. Four days away and I was attacked the minute I stepped in the door. Dougal wasn’t too bad, but Benji went wild and it took me ages to get him to calm down. I couldn’t be certain, but I think he might have missed me a little. Of course, he  doesn’t know or understand how much I missed him. Annabell called Andrew to let him know that I was home and I would take her to the shops, which I did.  Benji was not impressed that I was going out and leaving him, so, since the dog cover was still on the back seat, we took them both to the shops with us. By then Benji had settled down. The boys, all three, arrived for dinner on Sunday night so things were fairly back to normal. Took both dogs out for a short walk after the boys had gone home.

Chi and her Thundershirt

Monday started a new round of Doctor and Hospital visits with one Monday, two Tuesday, one Wednesday and one Thursday. At this stage, Friday is FREE! On Monday, Dougal went home but we have another dog to look after for two weeks beginning tomorrow – Max the Pug. Max is fairly old and not really able to go walking too much –

Lovely night last night

however – when the man was still with us and he had grown old and blind I bought a dogger and strapped him in that and took him walking with – well he rode, we walked…   Chienne and me –  and no , I merely used the name to mean “Female Dog” besides she was more often called Chi (chee) anyway. Well, Max is – as I said – fairly old but he is grossly overweight. In fact as dogs go he would be termed obese. He is so heavy and difficult to lift and I am not sure he will be able to  go into a dogger that was bought for an old, blind Maltese. I did take them out last night and had a very slow walk abound the block. When we came back, I settled him in, took Benji away and he and I sneaked out the back door to go for a real walk. I never want Benji to get overweight like that, But it was a lovely night and a very enjoyable walk. Max, on the first walk did well – new smells everywhere, so apart from being a slow walk – given Max’s condition, it was a long walk, given his interests. I have to say that Max really is a most lovable and affectionate dog.

Anyway, that’s the  long travel over until November. The next conference is in Adelaide, so that’s only overnight – leave Friday back Saturday. Oh… just been on the news – The Million Paw Walk to raise funds for the RSPCA on Sunday (tomorrow) has been cancelled due to a forecast of  possible thunderstorms.

4 thoughts on “The May Travels – coming home.

  1. Yes it would appear that way at the moment. However, the owners are ill and I am not a doctor and I have no medical training so the best I can do to help is to look after their dogs whilst they are either recovering or in hospital. Besides non of the dogs I look after are young things.


  2. Wow, that’s quite the mileage you racked up. Glad you have a break in long trips for a while. Bless you for stepping in to help owners while they are in hospital. You and Benji are very special to help folks and their doggos out.


  3. This reply vanished so I will try and re-write it. However, if you do happen to get two replies – sorry!
    Benji and Yogi: no problem they get on well / Benji and Dougal: no problem, they get on well / Benji and Max ah, here we have a problem. Benji and Max do not get on and there have been quite a few spats. I think Benji does not like Max. I think Max is a lovable dog, but I feel Benji does not agree with my assessment. That being so, I have to consider my Benji so, sadly, I cannot have Max back again


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