Towards the Final Curtain T

Well, are we :o) ?
No, but getting there..

Much of the restrictions have been removed in South Australia and we are now allowed to travel – only within the state, but it’s a big state. Up here there’s not a lot, at least not for people like me – dog owners. We are surrounded by either Conservation Parks, National Parks and the Army Play-Pen. Of course, you can travel to the National Parks (with a permit) and the Conservation Parks, unless you happen to have a dog – then it’s a different story. Even under control and with a responsible owner, dogs are just not allowed.  One of the reason put forward is that even under control a dog will pee and that creates a smell which a  native animal would pick up, be afraid and run away – abandoning its home and leaving its babies to die of starvation. I always thought mothers would fight to protect their young, but apparently not in our National Parks. Here they just smell strange smells and run away. In the past certain species were almost wiped out because of unrestricted  hunting and yes, because of vandalism. National Parks were created to preserve a natural beauty as well as the flora and fauna within the area – I understand all that. However, there surely has to be a balance and if that means employing a few more Park Rangers, then that’s the price we have to pay. I think there are several small National Parks in and around Adelaide where dogs are allowed, but not up here. In this area alone there are 15 National /Conservation Parks and if you go further north you run into the Simpson Desert and there are four

Wilpena in the Flinders Ranges

National/ Conservation Parks covering some 54,338 square kilometers of that.

Anyway,  in regard to the restrictions, we and the Lutherans are in much the same pickle. With the dimensions of our church and Social Distancing we can only have 15 people – that’s all the government will  allow within the church given the dimensions.  The Lutheran Church  has much the same problem so it would appear it will be mid July before the restrictions and lifted completely and we can open the church to normal services again. Tonight South Australia will open the borders to the Northern Territory, Queensland and Tasmania / Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland remain closed, at least for the time being. The RFDS are still flying – they never stop, but they are seeking donations because the  money that we. the “Ground Crew”  raise throughout Australia has dried up. We are stood down and there is next to no fundraising. Yes the big mining and corporate sponsors are still contributing but as long as the Social Distancing rules continue,  there’s nothing we can do. The Photography Club starts back next week but then we have a place large enough to cope – there are only 14 of us. Sadly I will not be attending the first meeting back since I will be in Adelaide. I was supposed to go last week but I cancelled it because I  was a tad concerned about Annabell. As it happened she was ok, but I  decided to  make the date for the 24th. Of course that was before I knew we were going to start back with the Photography Club that day. I am going down by coach and I have to book well in advance since the coach is only allowed to  seat 20 passengers. Not my favourite mode of travel but at least I can be assured of a double seat to myself.

Andrew’s damaged car

For almost 11 Years my son Andrew has been travelling to and from Olympic Dam in the far north of South Australia. It can be a dangerous road out in the middle of nowhere. Up until today he has remained safe, but this morning (Thursday) travelling home he ran into a mob of Kangaroos and ran into one, smashing the offside of his car, taking out the light, the electrical system and the side panel.  All the damage was on the side so he was able to nurse the car home, but it is not in a condition to be driven. Andrew and his partner are separated so he only gets to have Connor when he is home and is able to collect him from Childcare. He needs to see Connor, so to that end, he has my car. Both he, John and Connor are heading to Adelaide on Sunday morning. Andrew has an appointment at hospital, which should take about 40 minutes, then on the freeway to Murray Bridge and possibly pick up a new car. I should have my can back this evening (Saturday).

3 thoughts on “Towards the Final Curtain T

  1. So sorry about pets not being allowed in the national parks. I think some national parks here allow dogs but only on marked trails. State parks are more restrictive. I’ve not tried to take either of my furry companions since a couple of family members live in the mountains.

    Bummer about the run-in with the Roo; glad Andrew wasn’t injured though. Hopefully you’ll get your vehicle back soon and your son will have a nice vehicle once again. Stay safe and keep smiling. Ear rubs for the Benji boy.


    1. Got my car back last night and this morning (Sunday) the boys are off to Adelaide and then out to look at a new car. Andrew hopes to be driving it back tonight..

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