DownPours, high wind and Hospital

Wednesday 7th October 6:03am. It has now been raining here since 9:30 pm Tuesday. The rain continues to be quite heavy and the  storm drains are no longer

C’mon – that’s a bit mean, don’t you think Benji? :o)

clearing away the volume of water that is  now flooding the roads.. My garden is under about three inches of water. Yes, I know, it is not what you would call “major flooding” but this is only what I can see from the front and back windows. I just hope it is not too much worse in the lower areas of the town. I think it is safe to say for this region the drought is well and truly broken. At about 08:20 the rain stopped. The storm drains have managed to catch up and the roads are now clear of water – well in this area anyway. Yes that was short lived and it started raining again and continued until late

Never been like this before.

in the afternoon, by which time the outback and the Flinders were flooded and weekenders trapped for a while. All good stuff – rain to snow to rain to flooding to dust storms – and that’s just the Flinders!  We were not too bad,- some minor flooding with heavy rain that was “interesting” to drive through. Although the rain  stopped mid afternoon, we did continue to have some very light showers for a little while longer. For that reason I didn’t go out with Benji last night because the mood Mother Nature seems to be in at the moment, a Cyclone could well be on the cards.

I have said in the past that my house was the last house in the town – there was nothing beyond me. Then came the mining boom and all the new houses and the extension of the  storm drain. The storm drain was to connect to the main drain but it never was  and since there seemed to be only light showers for this area and not enough to be too concerned about, the pit was dug to accommodate the water until such times as the  road was extended to the main highway and the storm drain connected to the main system. The little amount of water there would be in it, would drain away into the surrounding soil.  It never happened and with the change of climate there has been more rain in this area and the 20ft, pit is frequently filled.  This time, however, it is

I can see clearly now the rain has gone!

not only filled, it is overflowing.

This morning, however, we did go out. We completed about three quarters of the outward section before the limp and the paw up. I merely lifted him and placed him in the stroller and we

continued the walk and like the other day he looked all around like king of the castle.. I would say, off-hand,  that the stroller had been a great success – but only for one of us at the moment. It has been a long time since I pushed a stroller (Pram) and I forgot how tiring it is on your arms.

Took Annabell to the hospital this afternoon. She had several tests. Also an ECG to determine that she is able to have the operation on the 20th. We left the house at 12:30, arrived at the hospital and she was taken fairly quickly – about 15 minutes after we booked in. I was not allowed (because of the restrictions) to go in and had to wait outside in a much reduced waiting room . Hospital Kiosk was closed  and I was in that waiting room until after 3pm. Anyway, everything is  fine and all is ready for the  surgery on the 20th. She doesn’t seem to be concerned – which is good. I’m probably concerned enough for both of us.

The main entrance to the Hospital
*copyright unknown*

Monday 12th   Last night  I had to take Annabell up to the hospital Emergency as she was in pain. Turns out she has another UTI. It was after midnight before we got back home and at the moment she is still sleeping. I told her to turn off her alarm and  she can give me the list and I will go and do the shopping. Some people think I worry to much and perhaps they are right, but  after last night I think my concerns are justified. But then again, isn’t that part of the job description? o:)

6 thoughts on “DownPours, high wind and Hospital

  1. She goes for ” exploratory” surgery on Tuesday so I hope we will know after that what’s causing her problems. The UTI we can deal with it’s the unknown problem that’s causing concern.


  2. What I wouldn’t give for some of that wet stuff from Mother Nature. Yet, I know that isn’t helpful for you guys. We continue to keep Annabell (and you) in our thoughts and prayers.


  3. Thank you for your kind thoughts. It’s not been too bad, really. The farmers are happy (makes a change) and I suppose we did need the wet stuff- bit over-kill I thought but there you are…


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