Settled down for a while!

The medical collar – stop him licking his paw.

Everything appears to have settled down with Annabell  for the time being. We only had one visit to the emergency Dept. this week, so that’s good. The UTI we can cope with  (sort of) it’s the unknown that is causing the concern, However, all being well, she will go into hospital on Tuesday 20th for “exploratory” surgery to determine what the problem is. If we can find that out then perhaps we can quickly fix it. So between doctors, hospital visits and late night visits to the emergency dept, it’s been an interesting month thus far. Then there was the Vet with Benji ( front paw problem)  and to add insult to injury – so to speak – WordPress decided that my log-in to had expired and I can’t reply to anything – so I am not sure what is happening at the moment. I am reminded of an old Greek proverb  “whom the gods condemn to die they first make mad” However, this part of things seems to be ok but trying to reply to anyone is not. I did a reply to Monica (Tails….) and three times it was deleted  because it said my log-in to WordPress,com had expired. I have checked and double checked and  everything is clear and active to mid 2021, so I don’t understand what the problem is. I need to get in touch with WordPress. Either that or what my “Greek Friend” is telling me  – that it is time to go.  At the moment, however, I have managed to return to Classic Editor although I don’t know what will happen when I close down and go out. What will happen when I reopen WordPress when I get back.?

We went out walking last night- lovely evening after a 32C day. We went out on the stroller and he was quite happy taking in the slightly different view of things. I mean, all he had to do was sit there and take in all the sights and sounds,  whilst muggins at the back did all the work. o:)  Had to take Annabell to see doctor – not for a medical reason – well, sort of.  She was summoned for Jury Duty for the month of November and to be quite honest she is simply not able to do this, so we had to see the doctor and ask him to write a letter explaining this to the Sheriff Officer and having her exempt from jury service.  This was something completely out of left field –  something  we never  expected. Anyway, the letter should sort that out – we hope.

Benji is starting to show his age and is getting slower when we walk. Actually, we have not done much  walking, more the use of the stroller.  I took him out a little while ago and we managed about two hundred yards before he just stopped, so we came home. I will take him out later, when the sun has gone and the flies along with it.. At the moment I have got the post back to Classic Editor but I don’t know if I can do it again if and when I close down. When we went out earlier, I just didn’t close down at all. Apart from other things, working with the computer and WordPress today has been an exercise in frustration.

It still is  ( an exercise in frustration) and it has gone back to blocks and I have no idea what I’m doing. If this is going to continue and I am unable to go back to Classic Editor, I think I will have to consider what I do next.  PS This stuff underneath, I have no idea where this came from nor how I get rid of it. Everything is a shamozzle!!

7 thoughts on “Settled down for a while!

    1. Thank you. The bridge is in front of us and and crossing it is somethng I am not looking forward if the experience I had is anything to go by. Perhaps by then it will have developed and the Block Editor will be easier to use than I found it to be..


  1. Sending you all big, warm, virtual hugs! I, too, dislike the block editor. I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to do when classic editor is gone forever. I don’t know if Google’s blogspot is any better or not…I’ve been with WP for so long that I don’t really want to switch. Maybe I’ll just take the time to learn and get used to the block editor.


    1. Thank you.. I feel the same – not looking forward to when Classic Editor is no longer an option. I have been with WP like forever – same as you – and I have not even looked at another site so I have no idea of what’s available or even if there is a life beyond WP

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  2. So sorry you’re having technical difficulties. That new editor puts me into orbit. I despise it and hope you can resolve issues. Maybe it’s a compatibility issue with the editor and your theme though I know I’ve had issues with myself in the past which seems to operate separately beyond individual blogs.

    Hope these issues get resolved for you. Sending positive thoughts for Annabell’s upcoming surgery and Benji’s paw. Hugs and tail wags.


  3. I think you might be right. I have got back to Classic Editor and thus far I have had no issues. The interesting issue is if this posts and does not delete like other times.


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