Things fall apart!

I used the sroller for just one day. After that, Benji was fine and quite happy to walk. I think, perhaps, he just had a bad day, but it is fair to say that he enjoyed the experience. However, Annabell said that I really have to come to terms with the fact that he getting on in years. If the adoption papers are correct then he will be 11 in October.  I have said  to several people already that my car will not be ready for some time.  I went to the repair place, and the electrician (Auto) has been off sick and from what I saw, not a lot seems to have been done to the car.  I did retrieve  Annabell’s parking permit, which we need.  I will have to go and see the  friends who loaned me this car and  ask if they will allow me to

take the car out of town –  to Adelaide – since I have to take Annabell to the clinic next week. Driving around town is one thing, driving to Adelaide and back is something different. It’s not something you can just do without asking if it would be ok. As it  happens, it was no problem and  I can take Annabell to Adelaide as planned.

I am taking Annabell to see her doctor this afternoon as a follow-up from the visit to the emergency dept. at the hospital on Monday. I also want a note from him to allow me to  borrow a wheelchair from the hospital for the Adelaide visit – unless, of course, I am forced to cancel it. I should know the answer to that very shortly. The good news is that I will be taking to Adelaide next week. There is no problem with me taking the car to Adelaide and back. This is a long weekend here in South Australia so I will pick up the wheelchair on Tuesday Morning.

I did pick up the wheelchair. Last time I did this it was so simple, not so this time. Telephone calls, forms and  more telephone calls later, I finally signed to accept the wheelchair. At one point I actually went away and had a coffee in the hospital tearoom until the permission came through. Anyway, we have it now.

Today I will get the car packed, last minute arrangements for the boys to look after Benji and tomorrow we set off for her  appointment at the Flinders Clinic. Tomorrow after I get her into the hotel and settled I want to go into town to do  a few things. I am supposed to go to the photography  club this evening, but I’m not sure I will.

Anyway, to bring you up to date, my computer crashed and I lost most of everything. At the moment I have got some things back although not quite what they were. I have also lost nearly all of my bookmarks which were part of Opera. I suspect they are still around the computer some place but I can’t really do anything until I get back from Adelaide at the weekend. Even this is not the way it was. WordPress  is very different from before. I just tried to upload a photograph – that didn’t work too well – as you can see  :o)  LOL I’m not even sure that I will be able to post this – although I expect so. And, NO I am not growling – just making observations.

4 thoughts on “Things fall apart!

  1. Sorry about the computer hiccup. And WordPress with their new editor is maddening. I’ve tried a couple of times to use it, end up swearing a lot and returning to the classic editor where I can post something quickly and effortlessly. Let me know if you want to switch back; it takes a moment to figure out where the old look is buried. Good luck restoring your data and good wishes for your trip to Adelaide. Ear scritches for Benji.


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