Adelaide – Back and Forth.

Nightly visit by the Cockatoos to Flinders Lodge

The drive to Adelaide on Thursday was uneventful and quite pleasant.  Getting to the Flinders Lodge was fairly easy. Once I had her settled in, I walked up to Norwood and did some shopping. Was interesting walking past  the Norwood Church, which is where we hold the conferences. Anyway, did the shopping and started back to the lodge. I took a wrong turn at the north end of Norwood Parade. Of course, I never get lost. From time to time I have become geographically misplaced, but never lost. Anyway, I made my way back to the lodge, After dinner we had a quiet evening. Annabell read and watched some television and I pottered about on the laptop. Can’t really do a lot since most of the programs I use are not on the laptop.

Friday afternoon and a taxi to the railway station. We used the wheelchair and into the station. There was only a short wait before the train came in and we boarded. Spoke to the train driver and he wanted to know if we would need the ramp put out. I said not and we would manage just fine – which we did. The  train journey was quiet and   took us on the extension and up to Flinders within the 37 minutes.   As it happens, I had made a mistake when I was last down. I assessed the distance from the train station to the main entrance of Flinders Medical, which I had walked,  but as it happens, the Cancer Clinic is only half that distance so we arrived in plenty of time. Not that it really mattered because the clinic was running late and it was 50 minutes before she was seen.

Overall, everything seems to be fine but the Surgeon is unhappy with the progress and would like to see it happen a lot quicker than present. That being the case we will be back down on Monday for Day Surgery on Tuesday and instead of 1 unit they will insert 2 and leave them for three months – we hope. I say hope because although I am very concerned for Annabell.  Travelling back and forward to Adelaide so often in a short space of time is tiring – (650 miles round trip)   The Flinders Lodge is fully booked  this coming week so we are booked into the Cancer Council Lodge  at Greenhill. I’ll have to find out how to get to that one.

Since the computer crash before we left for Adelaide, nothing seems to be the same. I lost  WordPress and I have this program. Not entirely sure what it is but it does say WordPress so I suppose this is it. I am having  problems with it – which is fantastic because what I need right now is more problems, otherwise I might get bored.   :o)  However, it will have to wait until the return from Adelaide this week. Take care all.

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