Home for the moment.

We returned home on Wednesday after the unexpected second trip to Adelaide and the day surgery. Although as I said, I did manage to spend some time on Tuesday at the Marion Shopping

The Flinders Lodge

Centre. Now we just wait for the reports and the telephone call to let us know what is to happen next and if, or when, we are due back in Adelaide. When we left the hospital my intention was to push the wheelchair to the train station, get the train back into town and a taxi from there to the Lodge. The  Hospital were not at all happy with this arrangement in that  if anything happened you cannot turn a train around as you can a motor vehicle. So it was a taxi from the hospital to the lodge. Getting home was a concern in that we discovered that several dog toys had found their way into my case. No idea how they got there and the fact that they had Marion tags on them must just be a coincidence.  I’m sure Annabell believed me!!  On the Friday I went to the garage to see what was happening to my car. It seems the initial assessment was incorrect and it was not the ignition system as thought so the replacement was removed and my own system restored. The company called Ford and asked their advice on the problem. They suggested it was a unit that assists the computer to operate and that seems to have broken down – but whatever the reason, it was not working. So a new unit was sent up from Adelaide and to install it required two sets of keys – it also requires two people and the keys must both be synchronized, failure to do so, renders the keys useless and means a new set of keys and the programming and the cost of new keys.. And yes, before you say anything – I figure I might have been cheaper  and probably less stressful getting another car. However, all that aside, I may have my car back on Monday or Tuesday. I am beginning to feel really bad about having this car for so long. I did not think anyone expected it would be this long that I would have the  car.

We were due to go out to a function last night but Annabell was weary and tired and I will not go on my own without her, so I stayed at home. I

The normally placid Nepean River.

worked it out that it was better for me to stay at home and keep her company than have to field all the necessary questions about her health. :o)

Strange kind of day yesterday. I was out walking with the dogs and I thought about what I would write. I would remark that it is Autumn and the day was a very warm and sunny 32c with just the most gentle breeze.  That was in the mid-afternoon. As the afternoon wore on the sky darkened, the breeze became decidedly chilly and next thing we know we were in the middle of a major thunderstorm. Haven’t seen so much rain in ages. There is major flooding in several of the Eastern States and it is believed that the  major fronts are heading in this direction – one from the north and one  through Sydney. And Sydney is in  a bit of trouble in that one of the major dams is expected to overflow.— The dam has overflowed and the staggering amount  of 450 gigalitres will be released. There is talk of an evacuation of Penrith – and that’s serious. Thus far, 18,360 people have been evacuated

Up here there are no rivers to flood and if there is any flooding it will be at the roadways as the floodwater drainage system get overloaded. However, for the moment there is really no serious rain on the  present forecast.  Shortly after lunch I went  by taxi to the workshop and collected my car – all tickity-boo ( all repaired) So it is a happy Monday, now that I have my car back. This afternoon I will take the Toyota,  make sure the fuel tank is full and  then return it  to its owner. Annabell has bought Rene a small gift of Swarovski Crystal  as a “Thank You.”  Without that car we would have been in trouble and would have had to cancel Adelaide. We are most thankful for her kindness.

9 thoughts on “Home for the moment.

  1. Glad the car issue has been resolved. And what a great friend to provide you with a loaner while it was in repair shop. Have been seeing and hearing stories about the flooding. You guys will remain in my thoughts and prayers that the weather calms down soon.


    1. I have been watching the flooding on the news here and it is really bad with no let-up for the moment. I complain about this place of ours, but really we don’t have floods and fire like other parts of Australia so I suppose there is a lot to be said for living in the middle of nowhere :o)

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    1. Yes I was talking to someone recently and he said that he remembered when you just lifted the bonnet, figured out what the problem was fairly quickly and sorted it. Now cars are computer controlled and to be a mechanic you have to understand computers and the associated vehicle systems — way too complicated. and unless you have the necessary equipment (which most of us don’t) there is very little you can do except fill up with fuel and oil and check the tyre pressures. I need a mechanic to change a light bulb in my car….. — I kid you not..


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