Return to Adelaide (apology to Elvis)

The trip down to Adelaide (Monday 15th) was again uneventful. Some problems in getting to the Greenhill Lodge and trying to cross lines of traffic on a main road. I am so thankful for Traffic Lights and I was able to do it very quickly before the lights changed. Once I got Annabell attended to I went for a short walk around he area to plan my ” Escape Route” for Wednesday and the crossing of two lanes of traffic on a fairly busy road. However, I do intend to start out at 05:30 so it should be reasonably quiet at that time in the morning. I will get her home and home ad hope this will be the last trip at least several months. I have to say through that this Greenhill Lodge is easier to get to that the Flinders Lodge irrespective of the traffic lane cross. Not quite as good perhaps since Flinders Lodge is newer and more modern, but Greenhill is currently being upgraded and half of the lodge is closed down which is why there were no places available at Flinders this week.

The other problem I have here is that there is only one bed in each room downstairs. There are two beds in each room upstairs, but there is no lift and stairs are just out for Annabell. However, there is a fairly large recliner chair which can make a half decent bed for me. Did that last night (today is Tuesday) and although it was not the best idea, nor the most comfortable, I did get a decent sleep. This morning we get the train out to Flinders Medical and she will be admitted for Day Surgery. I will wander off for a few hours to the large shopping mall at Marion. I’ll spend some time there and then get back to Flinders and wait there until she is ready to go.

Poor Benji – his people abandoned him for three days – then they came back – now they have abandoned him again for another three days. I hope this time, though, we will not have to leave him again for at least three months. Annabell and I have had a discussion regarding this tripping to Adelaide and we believe that the next visit will be the same as this one. We come down Thursday and Friday for tests and examination, go home and come back again on the Monday and we were considering staying down here for the duration. I worked out the costing taking fuel and accommodation costs and meals into consideration and we will be very much cheaper if we go home on the Saturday and return again on the Monday. Annabell expressed concern regarding me and the stress of so much driving. I am quite able to drive to Adelaide and back, every three months.

Wednesday 17th. Left Greenhill Lodge at 05:30 this morning and covered the 330 miles in a reasonable time, allowing for a half hour stop for coffee in Port Wakefield. It was a good drive home, clear weather all the way. Annabell managed to nap a couple of times.

Oh I don’t know with this new WordPress system. I am having difficulty in finding anything and doing anything. Don’t know why they changed it. There was nothing wrong with it in the first place. There must be an alternative somewhere.

4 thoughts on “Return to Adelaide (apology to Elvis)

  1. we hope it is always a good trip and uneventful… this times all events are not the best ones what happen ;O)
    you can go back to the classic WP with one click…


  2. I’m with you on the new WP editor. I hate it and switched back to classic because the HBO words too frequent and my blood pressure being raised was concerning. Good luck with the multiple trips. Your caring love for Annabel must mean the world to her.


  3. As the Weim boys said, we hope all your trips are good and uneventful. You are so good and caring – and loving – toward Annabel. I’m sure she is with you as well. Poor Benji. But I’m sure he adjusts pretty well. Give him an ear rub for me.


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