Hospital Week.

Back again!!

Hmmm. It says ” Classic” but it’s not the classic I remember. Oh well, we will persevere. Today is Monday 13th Sept.  and  tomorrow we head to Adelaide. John will be looking after Benji while we are away. Things have been fairly set out and provided they don’t change anything I have everything organised. Tuesday is a free day – apart from driving. Wednesday we have the clinic; Thursday Tests: Friday day surgery: Saturday a rest day to recover from the Surgery, and then set out for home Sunday morning. All-in-all, a fairly busy week.  This will be the longest time we have left Benji. Generally it has always been just for a few days, but six days is along time  for him to be without His Peeple. Still, I’ll make it up to him  and you never know, a couple of new toys might just slip into the case. Still on about Benji – I can see from the window as I am typing this that he is outside on his new chair getting some rays on his bones…

I missed the cut-off day for the City Council Calendar so I wont have any photographs in the 2022 Edition.  I didn’t do too badly in the four  photographs I put in  to the Photograph Exhibition and my points were, 8,7,6,6. with some reasonably write-up by the judges. I am quite pleased with it all and I’ll see what I can do for the next time.

We have now been in Adelaide for three days with three more to go. We have been for consultations and tests and tomorrow at 6:45am we have to be at the hospital and she is first on the surgery list. Of course, we were last time but it’s still after lunch before we get away. We will stay here on Saturday and head home early Sunday morning. We will be glad to get home. This has not been a great trip and we had quite a run-around from the hospital pharmacy and the doctor had to cancel the the scripts – re-issue me with new ones and I  had to go into the city the following morning to have them filled at any outside city pharmacy. I am not impressed with the hospital pharmacy and neither was the surgeon since these units were necessary for the operation. Thursday was supposed to be a sort of ‘Free Day” but I spent most of it travelling back and forward to the hospital collecting the new scripts, then taking them into town, getting them filled out, at a city pharmacy, then back to the clinic.

Resized_20210916_171556I will be glad to get home and I am missing Benji. John has been looking after him and sending me information on how he is.  Annabell will be glad to get back home and into her own bed. The beds here are very comfortable but for Annabell a bit too low.

I did have one exciting time. The hotel is close to the major parklands and across from the hotel is the gathering place of Sulphur Crested Cockatoos. On the Thursday evening, after all the running about, I heard a noise outside the door and went to investigate. To my amazement there were not one, but two Cockatoos on the balcony. I grabbed a couple of plain biscuits (cookies), went outside and hand fed them. As I was doing so, a third one arrived, so IDSC_2506 was hand feeding all three.  I thought this was very exciting to be up close and personal with wild Cockatoos. Not the greatest of photographs but I didn’t have the time to stuff about with settings. I felt they would take off and I would miss the opportunity. Perhaps later on I’ll put if on Lightroom and brighten the photographs up somewhat. The photograph of Benji is one that John took and sent to me in Adelaide.

7 thoughts on “Hospital Week.

    1. As smooth as can be expected and a fair drive home. Feeding the Cockatoos was really exciting, but I did find out that it is not allowed and the Council take no responsibility for any injury – they have big powerful beaks. But it was fun and exciting. :o)

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  1. We’ve got our paws crossed the test results and hospital stay are all positive. That pharmacy snafu was most unfortunate. How exciting to see and feed those gorgeous birds! What a great opportunity. Bet you’re their newest best friend. Hugs and tails wags to you, Annabell and Benji.


  2. Thank you. Pity about the pharmacy but these things happen. However, however, I broke the rules.. Feeding the birds is not allowed, but I didn’t know that, so I did. I did own up and was told – nicely – that these birds have big powerful beaks (yes I know) and if they bite you, the Council takes no responsibility. Just remember that they are wild, not tame birds.


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