The Road Home


The drive home was uneventful. A stop for fuel and food at Port Wakefield, which, with all the  roadworks, took us two hours to get to from Kent Town – and it’s only about 125 klms. Still, it was good to be going home again.  I drove through from Wakefield to Port Augusta (285 klms.) where we  stopped again for fuel. I also went into the local store and I don’t know how it happened, but two new toys somehow  got into my shopping basket. It’s a mystery to me !!  The last lap from Port Augusta to home (77klms) was the best lap of all – of course it always is..

Where we stay in Adelaide is at the Flinders Lodge. This was once a regular hotel but it is now owned by the South Australian Cancer Council, along with a second lodge in another part of the city.    They are used as accommodation for cancer patients and their carers/ partners. I am allowed to stay there because I am with Annabell, but I would not be allowed to stay there if, for example, I were in Adelaide for a Conference. However, if Annabell were in hospital and I came down to visit, I would be allowed to stay there.  Flinders Hospital and Medical Centre is a fair way out of the city and the train from Central to Flinders takes about 30 minutes, so if you think about that, all the running around I had to do last Thursday because of the pharmacy, took up a fair chunk of time.

Everything seems to be going well and we should not be back in Adelaide again until sometime in December. Oh I meant to say that our first day in the Lodge I got really excited when I saw a lady guest with her dog, but on talking to her I found out it was a “Service” dog,  and that is allowed. Oh, also, on the subject of “allowed” Feeding the birds is not allowed. I did not know that, so I fed them. I was told  by the staff – very nicely – that they are wild not tame birds and if they cause any injury ( the have big beaks) the Council takes no responsibility. There is a notice in Reception to this effect, but I didn’t see it.

To say Benji was glad to see us, is an understatement. Once the initial greetings were over, he did not leave my side for much of the day. I had difficulty trying to unload the car  :o)


It was good to be home again and I really missed him. Once we were settled and the car was unloaded, I put the harness on him and we went out for a walk. John didn’t have the time to take him out so this was his first walk in nearly a week. He spent a fair bit of time catching up on, and replying to,  his mail  :o) Everything is fairly well back to normal, or as normal as it can be :o)

When I was in Adelaide I managed to get to a garden shop and bought three African Daisy seedlings. I have planted them and looking forward to seeing how they develop. I did water them yesterday and last night it rained. Spring!! You just don’t know what it has in store.  Still not happy with this version of “Classic”  The old version let me know how much I had written – this one does not. Ah Ha – I have found it.

Neither Annabell nor I have had our Covid19 vaccine injections yet.  Annabell was told to wait until after the day surgery and I decided to do likewise so that we both go together. Now that we are home until at least December, we will organise to have this done. Thus ends a most interesting  seven days.

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    1. You should see it go if you mention ” Car” or lift the keys. Just about blows you off your feet :o) Yes, a safe trip home, in spite of all the roadworks and delays. Thank you.

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