All change – It’s Spring!

I have just completed a survey for WordPress and I did  kind of mention that I do not like Blocks and  finding it getting harder to remain with Classic. I don’t suppose it will make a difference, but at least I’ve had a say – which is something.

Annabell has not been the best the last few days. Actually since we returned from Adelaide she has been quite tired. I think all the stress and the running about over the five days took a lot out of her. Certainly I  did the physical  running about because of the  intransigence (not the term I really want to use) of the hospital pharmacy but she did stress about it. I think the entire five days were quite stressful for her. Also, what I didn’t mention – because I thought it unimportant – is that on the drive down and again on the drive back, any food that we bought we had to eat in the car. This was because the government regulation had closed down the seating areas. But then, even before the pandemic I was eating in the car when driving to conference anyway,  so I really never gave it a lot of thought.  The other times we drove down, there were no restrictions and we could sit down and eat in comfort. Little things that tend to add up. However, I will keep a close watch on her over the next few days.  You might wonder why this photograph again, well I put it in Lightroom and brightened it up some so that the birds are much clearer.

This coming Sunday,  3rd October, the clocks move forward. Bother – I thought I had another week before I loose sleep.. Tomorrow, however, is the last day of winter, so once we get through the rain

Not sure about that :o)

we should start to have some good warm days and Benji and I can get out and about – depending on Annabell’s health. But that apart, there are only a few places within easy reach that I can take him. The farthest place I will go is the lighthouse, which is a half hour drive away and given the present circumstances, that’s about as far as I am willing to go. In November I have to go  to  the Quarterly Conference, but that’s only an overnight stay.

This weekend is a long weekend with Monday being Labour Day. Not really sure what happens then but off-hand, not a lot. It falls at the start of the Term Holidays so people are more interested in getting away  to wherever it is they are going with the children, rather than hanging around to wave a flag at something.

I am not actually cracking up – well at least, not more than usual. It may  seem that way when people encounter double posts. Well the reason  is that everything around here is so slow and posts seem to vanish. So I post, go away for several hours and come back to find that my post seems to have vanished – again – so what do I do?  Well, I write another post and almost as soon as I press “send” the first post  from several hours ago, suddenly appears. So we now have two posts, one after the other, saying almost the same thing. Yes, I understand, it is irritating but if you can bear with me for a little while – say 17 – 25 years – I have faith that the government will eventually sort out the National Broadband System that many of us hate.  I am not joking when I say that Dial-up was better!

Benji is well. Because of the rain, we have not been out much these last few days. Certainly, we do not get rain such as they do  in New South Wales or even in the lower areas of the Peninsula here but it’s still wet and still restricts what we can and cannot do outside. The most  annoying thing is that  a  bit of rain and the weeds take off like wildfire. I have just spent half the morning pulling up weeds. Anyway because of the rain Benji and I have not been out as much as I would like. Rain is forecast for this long weekend, so probably not a lot happening..  I meant to ask my Fav Ninja how she enjoyed being on her own for a few days whilst mom and Norman were at the gathering.

One thought on “All change – It’s Spring!

  1. Sending loads of healing energy to Annabell. Enduring hospital procedures (and traveling long distances to get them) can take a lot out of patients. Hopefully after a few more days of rest and relaxation at home, she’ll feel better. Belly rubs for our favorite down under pooch.

    Why we still have this ridiculous attempt to manipulate time is beyond me. We ‘fall’ back on November 7, yet another different date in the US. Really annoying anyway, but to change the start and end dates every year is quite maddening. It flummoxes us all.

    Even though you lose an hour of sleep, we hope it’s a good weekend.

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