Foreshore and Annabell

Benji after the clocks sprung forward.

Saturday – the first day of the long weekend and the last day before we do the time manipulation.  It began in 1916 during WWI  in an  effort to save fuel for the war effort and although that ended with the conclusion of the war, it has been on and off through different patterns ever since until we arrive at the present effort of measurement. My understanding is that there is a push in some quarters to “spring forward” and never fall back. That would be interesting although I  Imagine it would throw up all sorts of concerns that we never thought of and I read somewhere it  could mean sunrise at 4:10 am. Not sure if I like that idea..

Overnight we did have the rain that was forecast and the rest of the day has been fairly  reasonable – about 24c. I got out this morning with Benji and our morning walk was quiet and peaceful and the 6:30am half light is just fine. Annabell is starting to settle back down again and she is  much better today. Thank you for all your kind thoughts.

One of the dolphins from the Jetty.

Sunday: Strange day today; Benji refused to go out for our morning walk. I was all dressed and ready to go but he refused to move out of his bed. I put the lead (leash) on him but he still refused to move, so I just let him be and got undressed again. Well, it was pitch black and he – like me – had also lost an hour of sleep. Church was quiet and we had a short service. I just hope that things will return to normal if and when we  remove the mask restrictions. After church and lunch I did take Benji down to the Jetty and the foreshore. The jetty was good and I actually got to see the dolphins. First time I have ever seen them.  On the way back we passed the food carts and much to our surprise the pelican

I’m just waiting my turn

was standing there waiting in line. The pelican has been around for some time and it’s good that  it remains now that the Black Swans have gone. With the council closing down the  foreshore cafeteria, there is a proliferation of food vans around the jetty area  It was an interesting day.  I had intended to go to the Wetlands but that area seemed to be pretty crowded as I drove  by, so that’s why we ended up at the foreshore. I was just a tad miffed mainly because the lack of the morning walk threw my  step total out of the window for the the day.  I’ll have to try and compensate sometime during the week.

Well, yes….

We have- or rather I have- changed our going out time in the morning from 6am to 6:30 am. This mainly because it is still very dark at 6am but by 6:30 it is getting light. Can’t think why – going out in the early morning dark never bothered him before. Well, he is getting older and it will be his 11th birthday soon. Perhaps a  2.5 mile walk first thing in the morning is getting a bit much for him, but he walks well enough and it does not seem to bother him as long as he has his “stops”.

Annabell had a bit of a “turn” at the ladies coffee night. I was called and went to collect her. I took her up to the hospital but not only was the A & E crowded, the hospital had called a ” Code Blue” At the time I had no idea what this was, so I found out that it can mean a Cardiac  Arrest. As a  result there was no doctor in the A & E. I took her home and didn’t have a lot of sleep.  Anyway, to cut short , did get her to see her own doctor. and now I have to take her to hospital and Medical Imaging to have a CT Head Scan  and a US  Carotid scan. Presently she is good and the “turns” were very short but we still need to have them checked, but otherwise, she is  ok.

6 thoughts on “Foreshore and Annabell

  1. Thank you. Adelaide were on the phone this afternoon and although the cancer is stuill there, it is still a grade 1 and has not grown, moved or developed – which is all good.

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  2. Love the standing in line pelican. Too funny. Sorry Annabell took a step back, hopefully it was just a minor hiccup and she’ll be moving toward right as rain soon.

    You’re totally right on the ‘manipulation of time thing otherwise known as Daylight Saving Time. Just a silly thing-you can’t trick time, people or dogs by changing the clock. I keep hoping the powers to be will come to their senses at some point and chuck the whole bloody mess.

    Please give your precious boy an extra belly rub from me.


    1. The pelican has been around for some time. I used to see it quite often at the Wetlands, but it seems to have taken up residence at the foreshore. Annabell is much better and thankfully she seems to have got over her “setback” The tests tomorrow will help. Thank you for your kind thoughts.

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