Recovery, Road Trip and Trees.


It’s generally been a quiet week since the ” excitement” of last week I have made a full recovery and Annabell is well. I have maintained my liquid diet and  now that we are one full week away from the event, I think it is safe to go gently back to a normal, but reduced diet, My self imposed diet  included alcohol, so I have not had my usual glass of wine with my evening meal. However, starting tomorrow I will change back. The church is still quiet but we hope that things will start to improve once the mask issue is sorted out. I think I did mention that Annabell and I have both had the first Covid-19 vaccination with the second one due in three weeks,

Annabell has had a good week but  I still have not gone back to the wetlands in the mornings. I

RFDS shortly after takeoff.

find it just as much doing a district walk and in a push I could get home quickly if needed. I miss the wetlands group but if things improve I might get back there soon.  I am thinking I might get used to the so called shortage  of things – Avacado reduced to $1 each and Asparagus at $1.40 a good size bunch. I  had expected prices to go up fairly quickly since we do not have enough people to harvest  things and I dare say  they might well do so, but for the moment, enjoy the reduced prices.

One of my pot plants

Benji is well. As I said I take him out every morning. One thing I did not do is change my alarm and we still go out at 6am for a 2.5 mile hike. I think I mentioned before that we have two sets of papers for Benji, or Diageo, as he was known then. One set puts him being born in 2012 while the other set has him born in 2010, so he is either 11 or 9 this month. I wont have  a fuss but I have bought him a new toy- I mean every boy should have a Teddy Bear. I still feel bad about having to confine him to my room when Connor is here but I do not want a repeat of the problem and although it has been several years now, I suspect it is still in Benji’s mind.  Perhaps next year when Connor is Five and a bit more mature. However, one and a half hours a fortnight, is not really a great imposition, and I do make sure doors are closed when I nip in to see him and have a quick chat with him, so he is not totally abandoned

The lighthouse yesterday

After lunch I made sure that Annabell was ok then  took Benji for a  drive to the Lighthouse. We had a wander around the area and I tried out a new lens. After that we drove to Fitzgerald Bay,  around the coast and  up to the  Shingle Ridge. I took a fair number of photographs but I just didn’t get the setting right and I  ended up deleting most of them when I got home and put the  disc into the computer. I don’t think even Lightroom could have helped.

At the  back of my property I have two very large Eucalyptus trees. I don’t like this type of tree to begin with but these two trees I dislike even more. They are big,  full of leaves most of which end up all over my garden. They are such that I cannot do a lot. Everything gets covered in their leaves and their leaves are messy and everywhere. I had flower beds but the volume of leaves that came from those trees killed the soil. That’s what happens with those leaves – they drop leaves,  branches and shed bark.  I try to clean up but all it takes with these trees is a puff of wind and  down the leaves come and they do not not break down like other leaves. Anyway, I have decided to  bring in a tree tree service company and have them examine the trees with a view to getting rid of them. And if it is any consolation, I don’t like this, but it needs to be done- for safety and my peace of mind – it needs to be done.

6 thoughts on “Recovery, Road Trip and Trees.

    1. The tree people that I consulted do not have the necessary equipment to take on the felling of these trees. They are a small family company and really not equipped for a job like this. Generally they climb the tree and cut it from the top down. Can’t do that here. Oh well, back to the drawing board – as they say..


  1. Your potted plant is beautiful! I know what you mean about trees that shed leaves all the time. I had two large mature Silver Maples in my front yard and the city said I had to remove one (they end up getting hollow inside the tree and become dangerous for severe branch damage especially in storms). Luckily they replacedit with trees much better suited to the climate and now in their 3rd year are growing well. But it’s always sad when a tree is removed, even the troublesome ones.

    Glad you’re moving toward normal with a quiet routine. Keep up the good work. Ear rubs for sweet Benji. Happy ‘Barkday’ sweet boy. 🦴 🎉 🦴


  2. Since all the rain of the previous weeks, the weather these last few days had been great. It is not quite light at 6am but light enough to waken by my wrist alarm and then the sound of the birds outside. That’s part of what really bothers me about having these trees removed, is no where for the birds to go. No, they do not nest in them, but they play around in the branches. That’s the problem with these trees, they can drop branches without warning and I think I did mention before that people have been killed because a branch dropped, hit the car and it crashed killing the driver. They are not an urban tree but council insist on planting them because they are a “native” tree.


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