Role Reversal

Our Hospital

From late on Thursday to the early hours of Saturday, we had a kind of role reversal. I was ill and Annabell had to attend and worry about me.  I had severe pain in the upper abdomen and felt bloated.. I told Annabell I was ok and could manage the pain and that she should go to bed. At 4am on the Friday it was bad so I left her a note and went to the  A & E at the hospital. The nurses gave me some Panadol and some Gaviscon , took blood pressure and blood tests and another test. The nurses asked me to stay until the morning doctor came in. I asked when that would be and was told ” About 08:30″  It was now after 6am and I was anxious to get home to make sure Annabell was ok, so I signed myself out. They did give me information and a report of what they had done and advised me to see my doctor as soon as possible.

At home I sorted out Annabell’s breakfast and had a sip of water. I left the house and took the reports to the clinic and made an appointment for 12noon. When I got home again, Annabell was up and worrying about where I was. I helped her as best I could and at 11:30 we went to the doctor. I explained everything to him and outlined where the pain was and the intensity. After an examination. He called the hospital and spoke to the resident doctor and  asked  for emergency  scan of the abdomen and blood tests. He said that  with the information he had been given he was concerned about Peritonitis. The blood and other tests were fairly normal, and the scans showed nothing amiss anywhere, what was causing the pain was a mystery  but the Resident Doctor figured it out. He had seen the  large scar on my abdomen and asked what it was and when it was done. I told him it was the removal of my gall-bladder and it was done in Scotland many years ago. It seems that even after

Perhaps tomorrow (Wednesday) will be a good day..

the removal it is still possible to have  Gallbladder pain because the bile ducts are left intact and they can block giving the same pain as if it was coming from the gallbladder. I was given medication, a script for  additional  medication and  released with the proviso that if the pain gets worse, I should come back.

Well, the pain did get worse and Annabell advised me to go back to the hospital as the Doctor said. I refused. My reason being that I did not believe they could do anything to relieve the pain that they didn’t do when I was there.  By late Friday night I was exhausted and despite the pain I lay down. I fell asleep.  I woke hours later and the pain was much less. I put out the light and went back to sleep. I  woke again around 7am Saturday and the pain was gone. There was some minor discomfort but no pain, but, sadly enough, I didn’t feel well enough for a 2.5 mile walk, so no Benji walk. I took Annabell to the supermarket and I bought  tins of soup – not cream of – just ordinary soup.  Although not overweight, I decided to go on a liquid diet for a few days to help things along. I also bought something I have not bought for  many years – a Hot Water Bottle. Well I figured if it was gallbladder type  pain I would treat it the way I did all those years ago.  I just thought it

Yup. That be about right!!

was an “Old Wife’s Tale”  that actually worked, but it turns out it is recognised way to relieve internal pain and called ” Heat Therapy “. Of course, I suspect you knew that, but I’m a slow learner. I just had this idea in my head that you can have an organ removed but  years later it will come back to haunt you.

Anyway, I am well and have recovered. Annabell not so much. I think I gave her a bit of a fright and for that I am sorry. I have managed to get out with Benji  yesterday and today, so he’s ok. I also take Annabell for her tests today, so just as well I am recovered since the next two days are going to be busy. As for me – well I am good. If this were not so I would not say it. Just have to be careful for the next few days.

10 thoughts on “Role Reversal

    1. Yes, thank you. it seems to have gone and I am well and getting out and about with Benji. So, we are returning to what passes for “normal” here… :o)


  1. I hope, too, that it really is gone and you are truly ok. Take life as easy as you can, at least for a few days. Poor Annabell must have had quite a fright. I hope she is feeling better now and that her tests go – or have gone – well. And I’m glad that Benji is okay. We send you all hugs and POTP.


    1. Yes, I did give her a bit of a fright and for that I am sorry. However, I am really recovered and OK. Benji missed two walks but he’s good and enjoying everything. Thank you for your kind thoughts.


  2. Oh gosh, so sorry to hear this latest health update where you’re the ‘star’ instead of Annabell. For abdomen pain, I use either ginger or peppermint essential oil, applied topically to the site. It seems to work well and keeps me from having to deal with the healthcare professionals here who only want to prescribe medication or order expensive tests. Hope you both feel better and life goes back to walks with Benji.


    1. Yes, thank you. I am well and back to “normal”. We have completed all Annabell’s tests and we have even had the first Covid-19 Vaccination. The second injection in three weeks. So things have settled down and we are back to “normal”. I have been converted – for the time being – to peppermint tea :o)

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