Bicycle, Ambulance and Fire Engine.

Tuesday Coffee Ladies.

Tuesday evening is Annabell’s Coffee evening with the ladies. I took her there and came back to do some work on my own. Just before 9pm. she telephoned and asked me to come and pick her up. At the far end of the street there seemed to be a lot of people, an Ambulance, a Police Car, a Fire Engine and a State Emergency Service (SES)Truck, so I had to slow down when passing. I collected Annabell and brought her home. All the emergency services were still there and from my slow passing I could see that there was a person in the stretcher .  All very interesting.  On Wednesday morning we found out the story, when one of the coffee ladies phoned Annabell.  There is this man called Greg. and on a Tuesday he meets up with his mates, play snooker  and have a chat. One of the  males is disabled and his wife collects him. It was a pretty wild night and the wife asked Greg, if he would like a lift home – they could get the bicycle into the SUV. He said no, he was fine and would ride home. He is a biker and goes everywhere on his bicycle.  Well he didn’t make it and came off the bike. Someone called an ambulance since Greg injured his back and could not move.  Now Greg is a very big and very heavy person and the

ambulance people could not lift him. By this time, the police showed up.  What to do??  Well, the police knew that the Fire Service had heavy lifting equipment, so they were called out. Now, if the fire truck goes out the SES goes with it.  Using the Fire Equipment they got Greg into the Ambulance and they were just leaving as we passed on the way home.  I understand from  Annabell’s source, that  poor Greg was highly embarrassed to say the least and the  crowd that I saw around the accident seemed to have had a good show.

On Wednesday afternoon I was unhappy with Annabell’s health and I questioned her several times to find out how she was. She assured me that she was ok. I had my doubts. I may not be a physician but I have a sense of smell. I asked her again how she was and she assured me she was ok, so I went out with Benji.  When I returned,  just about an hour later,  she was sitting in her chair, bag on her lap and shoes on and all she said, was “I need to go to the hospital”. I got Benji sorted out, got my  driving glasses and off we went. Yes, she has another infection and is being treated with antibiotics. It was nearly midnight before we got home so I did not go walking this  morning. However, I did go to the pharmacy when it opened and got her script filled.

Today, as you can probably imagine has been a day to relax. I left her sleeping and later, after breakfast,  I took her to the shopping centre. The remainder of the day has been fairly quiet. It has not rained at all today, but the wind, which started in the early morning and  now – at 10pm. is still going.  We had a call from Flinders this afternoon to let us know that the scripts have been faxed to our local pharmacy. I will get them dispensed here and take the units with us to Adelaide. Thus we should not have a repeat performance at the Hospital Pharmacy.

In a recent visit to the lighthouse with Benji I noticed that the council were doing some upgrade work to the base. I thought that was an interesting view. Probably not but it appealed to me.

4 thoughts on “Bicycle, Ambulance and Fire Engine.

  1. I don’t know the man but I definitely feel for him. We did find out that he has broken ribs and a spinal injury- so not so great..


    1. Apparently he suffered some injuries. I felt for him. even although I don’t know him. Annabell was much better then it started again on Saturday night so she missed church on Sunday.

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