Annabell Very ill

At 03;20 on Saturday morning I called out the emergency services. I was wakened by a strange noise and rushed into Annabell’s room to find her convulsing and fighting for breath.  The operator stayed on the line and  advised me to do CPR, which I started doing. She stayed on the line in until the emergence services arrived. I did break off to unlock the doors. When they arrived they took over and I left the room to look after Benji. They worked on Annabell for some time before getting her ready for transporting to the emergency rooms at the hospital. At the time it was a suspected stroke. Once they left I got a quick wash and went up to the hospital. In the meantime I called John and he met me at the A & E.. We knew that Andrew had Connor, so we left off calling him until about about 5AM.   By then he was awake, got Connor ready and met us Up at the ward.  Annabell was still down in the Emergency area and undergoing scans to find out  the  problem.

The doctors here called  Adelaide and  were in constant contact with the specialists there. It was determined through the various tests and scans that she did not have a stroke, however, she did have a seizure but they don’t know as yet what caused it. She was moved to a special Pressurised Room and we were with her for as good part of the morning. Connor was getting fractious, so Andrew went home.  He was going to see his former partner and see is she could look after Connor for the day, but she was already flat out and unable to do so. Because of the medications and the various tubes,  Annabell was in and out of  consciousness for much of the time and unable to speak clearly. However, she did know three words -” Okay / Don’t know.”  She did not know who I was nor John.

The Session Clerk (Helen) from the church came and we sat stayed for a while. Annabell didn’t know who she was either, but she let John sit beside her and hold her hand. John had only finished night-shift so he was starting to tire. I sent him home. Whilst John was away it was decided to move her from the pressurised room she was in to the High Dependance Unit. I telephoned John to tell him to let me know if and when he was coming back. He said he was just about to leave so I said I would meet him at the front entrance and after signing in and answering the questions I would take him up to the H.D.U. Helen left and John and I stayed until about 5:40pm and then went to have dinner at Andrew’s.  After playing with Connor for a bit and then dinner, it was now 7pm, so I  headed back to the hospital for the last hour.

There was quite a difference in her and she was a bit more coherent. Conversation was still a bit disjointed and confused. When it was time for me to leave the trauma nurse asked me to have a talk with her. We discussed the difference between 5:40pm when we left until now. I said that I found her almost coherent, but confused. Also I  still believe she really didn’t know who I was but I sensed that she knew I was someone she knew, so she gave me her hand to hold and we talked a little. She has a new word  “Odd” everything was “Odd”  The nurse said she wanted to know what I thought before  she wrote her report, that she  is able to hold a limited conversation but there is still a  fair bit of confusion and  lack of recognition.  I agreed with that assessment.

I arrived home at 9pm and began the process of clearing up. The rooms were a mess and everything that had to be moved to allow the passage  of the emergency people and the  wheeled stretcher,  had to be replaced. I also Went into Annabell’s room and tidied that up and remade her bed. After that I attended to Benji, made some coffee and sat down for a bit.

I was up at my usual 5:30 this morning (Sunday) and took Benji for his morning walk. I will take the service this morning and then head up to the hospital and hope and pray that a decent sleep overnight has helped her recovery.  It’s been a long post, so thank you for your patience. I’ll keep you informed on her progress, but  suspect it will be a long recovery.

10 thoughts on “Annabell Very ill

    1. Thank you Anabel. She is recovering although it will take some time. I had to leave the hospital this morning – too many specialists around her and I was just getting in the way. I did have a chuckle though. She was asked if she drives. She said “No but do have a chauffeur”


  1. I’m sending healing vibes and prayers for Annabell, along with gentle hugs for both of you and Benji. I hope that the doctors can figure out what caused Annabell’s seizure and start to treat it immediately.


    1. Thank you. She is recovering and she is having visits by various specialists. It will be a long slow recovery but we will get there. Thank you for all your good wishes. They are much appreciated and I did give a hug to Benji.

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