Christmas Day, Annabell, Benji and Me.

Had to happen

Today ( 24th December) is Annabell’s Birthday. Presently she is asleep and still recovering slowly. She  sleeps a lot and tires easily but she is getting better and we have managed to get out  from time to time. It is, however, two weeks today since she came from hospital and Benji is still watching over her. I have not been out much with Benji. We still go on our morning walk but only because it is early morning before it starts to get hot.  Presently the temperature is  wandering around a daily temp of 29 – 35C. I have taken him to the Ada Ryan Gardens, but only once since  the present illness. I do not like leaving her on her alone for too long. I was supposed to be going down to Adelaide yesterday but I cancelled that.  I was only really going to look for a new mobile (Cell) phone so I can  survive with what I have for the time being and probably until I have to take Annabell to Flinders sometime in January. Currently my mobile is going to voice mail and not ringing. My son called and I missed the call, but he called the house phone and alerted me to the  what was happening..  This has been happening a lot of late so with phone in  hand and a large hammer on stand-by  I examined the phone and  found that for reasons unknown, the annoying thing had gone into flight mode and was blocking all calls and sending them to voice mail. I fixed the settings – again,,  With unbelievable will power, I laid  the large hammer aside.   Not too far away though.

And yes, I did consider selecting the phone, paying for it and having it sent up from Adelaide. As you probably know, Adelaide is about a four  and a half drive from here, yet to get something sent up to here would take over two weeks. I asked  if the Post Office Delivery Service had been taken over by the stagecoaches of  Cobb & Co. – which was the 19th century Australian version of the American Wells Fargo. I didn’t get a reply. I was quite miffed about this until a friend, who works for the Fed. Govt in Canberra wanted something from Sydney  30 minutes away, and it took ten days to get there. Fair enough I can make allowances for Covid-19, State Border closures and lockdowns, but to take these time within the State is pushing things just a tad.

The Force was with them not…

Benji is well and he has not changed. We go out for our morning walk at 6am, returning around 06: 40. Has his morning treat then he heads off to check on his mummy and sleeps there for the remainder of the day. I only see him if I rattle the car keys. Sadly, because of the heat I cannot always take him with me. I have a small, mobile  air-conditioner type fan that I can take with me.  If I do take him with me I put that on when I park the car, check my watch ( allow 21 minutes only), partly open the windows and lock the car. He’s generally fine as long as I watch my time and make sure the  cooling fan is directed at him to keep him cool. It’s not bad, a dog with his own personal air-conditioner  :o)

Back to work- I think there is movement and Benji  has left the room..   I should  like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas – or Happy Holidays if you prefer. I hope everyone has a lovely time. My son and his partner and hosting Christmas Dinner today so, that’s good. Normally we do and Annabell does all the cooking, but not this year I am sorry to say. Andrew is a decent cook – don’t know about Rachel yet  :o) we’ll find out today.   Thank you all for your thought, prayers and good wishes for Annabell’s recovery – it is all very much appreciated.


Love and God Bless

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