Farewell the Old – Greet the New.

Sunrise from Busch Street.

I sometimes think we started to loose our sense of wonder when we gave the term “Magical” a designation it does not need. We tend to  think two ways about magical- we dismiss it because we have been told so often that ” magic does not exist” and on the other hand we seem to think that ” Magical”, if it does exist, is something “other worldly” or “supernatural”. I think both are wrong – magic  does exist but not in the way we have been conditioned to believe. Magic is all around us in mundane, everyday things. The magic of the  sunrise not just taken from the Wetlands, or the foreshore  or any exciting place, but  just walking along a nearby street with your dog and looking across the spare ground and watch the sun rise slowly from the horizon into the sky. On any day, given the right conditions, a sudden change of wind or a change of sunlight, or even just you- open to change – ordinary everyday things can become magical.  There is a slight rise  – a small hill, if you like, at the Ada Ryan Gardens. As you crest that hill you look down the other side to the  child play area, the, Sea Rescue buildings, the water lapping gently along the sandy beach and beyond to the ships at anchor on the clear blue water as it stretches onwards to meet the sky at the far horizon. A child wakens from sleep and smiles as she/he looks into the eyes of a mother or father. The simplest of things, given time and circumstances can suddenly be magical.

I had a new Covid-19 Restriction Plan from the State Government which would come into effect at midnight on the 27th.  I had not printed it off when an urgent email arrived also from the State Govt. to the effect that we are to disregard the plan due to come into effect on the 28th. The current plan with all its restrictions is to continue in use until further notice. The various State Govts. are concerned about the rapid spread of the new variant and I can see restrictions – perhaps even lockdowns coming into play early in the New Year. Unfortunately where I need to go to for the conference (Norwood)  is in an “Area of Concern”, so it is unlikely that I will go there any time soon. Between that and Annabell’s health concerns I doubt I shall be going  anyplace for the time being.  The weather has not been too bad but according to the weather report on the news this evening it is about to get a tad on the warm side with  Thursday at 35c, Friday at 37c and Saturday at 40c = nice lead in to the New Year. Sunday and it starts to drop down to the mid to high  20s.

Still my Happy Boy!

Benji has changed his morning ritual. Instead of getting his treat then going to check on Annabell, when we come back from our morning walk, he gets his harness off and goes directly to Annabell’s room, then he comes back for his treat. He spends most of the morning  looking after  “His Mum” It’s amazing that it is only in these last few weeks that we have begun to understand how much his “mum” means to him.

We did have a family Christmas but not in the way that we generally plan it. Generally  Annabell and I do the cooking and the preparations and the boys come over , they bring additions  to the table and spend much of the afternoon here. Not so this year.  Christmas was spent at Andrew’s place  still with the family and Andrew’s partner – Rachel Claire.  The food was very good and the Apple Crumble and Cream was a change from Christmas Pudding.  I helped a little bit but not too much as I didn’t want to seem to be interfering. I played with Connor and let everything happen around me.

Well days have passed and Annabell is starting to get a lot better. I am still Chief Cook and dishes washer – and shopping boy  :o) But she is a lot better and I am happy about that. She still sleeps a lot and she still tires, but she is getting stronger. We are concerned about the rapid spread of this new variant and what effect it could have on her Adelaide Hospital treatment and the Day Surgery, but we will just have to “wait and see”.

I think that’s all I have to say.  December has been an interesting month, rounding off an interesting year – in many ways. I could say that I hope 2022 will be a better year, but it will be what it will be and we will take things as they come. I expect I will  stay up and watch the Edinburgh Tattoo ( pre-recorded) and  probably  have something wet, 22 years old and Scottish  :o)   Take care everyone and I hope – wherever you are-  you have a great New Year and a fantastic Hogmanay.

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