Moving Forward

Glasgow Cathedral from the Necropolis

I read a comment recently that a regular writer had “lost her mojo” and  I fully understood. I want to keep writing but I seem to have temporarily misplaced the  overall desire to add pen to paper, I haven’t really done anything.  For the last six weeks I have largely been confined to the house and infrequent trips to the supermarket and out walking with Benji. To be honest there is nothing really exciting about grocery shopping or trips to the pharmacy for medication. Although, I have to say that I get some odd looks when I buy “ladies things”. Can’ t think why in this modern day…  My mobile (cell) phone had been playing up and in essence it’s old and by old I mean that it’s more than four years old.  With other phones – as I did in the not too distant past –   I would simply go to the battery shop next time in Adelaide and buy a new battery for that particular model. Not any more. Phones are sealed and  are not able to be opened. The battery lasts only for a few years and then it has to be charged more often –   twice, sometimes three times a day. I was getting close to the three times and I was missing calls, so I decided to get a new phone = Samsung, not Apple. I have to say that I was amazed at the price of modern mobile phones and sad though it may be, $2486 for a phone is a bit beyond  my budget limitations. I suppose it really depends what you want. I want a smart phone,  I don’t want a, computer, phone, and sophisticated camera sitting my my shirt pocket – I just wanted a phone similar to what I already have,  and that, really is what I now have.

Annabell continues to improve and on Tuesday I took her out to her Ladies Group. She had a good evening with the “girls” and I picked her up when she called me. Last

The Benji

night (Wednesday) I went back to the Photography Group for a little while. The group are going for a photo shoot on Saturday so, depending how things are I might go along for a while. Benji and I are still out in the morning but not during the day, as it’s too hot to take him. I do take him out later in the evening when things have cooled down. I get “the look” every time I leave the house without him and before I  get the few feet from the door to the car, he’s at the window looking out and watching me leave and abandon him. Nothing like making people feel guilty. However we have still managed to maintain our total distance walked for the week  despite problems and  “the Look”. He still has his treat then heads off to  watch over his “mum” as soon as we come back from our morning walk.

Sunrise and cleared land

I took a photograph of a sunrise a few days ago and I was surprised to see that the ground had been cleared not very far from here. There have been two new houses built in the area and this land clearing leads me to believe that there might be some more building in the pipeline. At the moment Adelaide is undergoing a “Rental Crisis” and one young lady interviewed was sleeping in her car because, although she has  a job, she just can’t find a place to rent.

Covid cases continue to increase in South Australia with a new total of 5630 cases today (Friday) with 160 in hospital. Not quite as bad as other places, but they have a much greater population  with higher density than South Australia.  We had a call from Flinders Medical regarding Annabell’s Surgery and the fact that the December visit had to be cancelled because of the seizure.  Flinders want to re-schedule the operation and we were willing for that to happen.  There will be discussions with the doctors and  given the  medical restrictions currently in place, ( due to Covid) organise a time for us to go down to Adelaide. Flinders hope to let us know sometime next week.

3 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. Glad to hear Annabell continues to feel better-to be able to go see the lady’s group seems like a real fete so kudos to her and her ‘caretaker!’ Sweet Benji…I think they teach that ‘look’ in puppy school.

    COVID is off the charts in the US. I limit my trips around people to just grocery store runs and always wear a mask. I continue to be astounded at the number of people who go maskless and gather in large groups. After two years of this, you’d think they’d have developed some sense but alas, they’re proving we aren’t very smart at all. Sigh.

    It’s a rough go to always have something interesting to write about-we all go through moments of writer’s block. Be patient and try to look at things differently around you and perhaps something will jump out at you. Have a good weekend and continue to stay safe. Hugs and tail wags from all of us to all of you.


  2. Thank you. I think you are right about “the Look” and he’s very good at it I know our covid cases seem to be small but as I tell people we have a State bigger than most countries in Europe but with a total population not much bigger than a major city suburb – 1.7 million. and the majority of that total covid cases will be in and around Adelaide – 5769 with 6 deaths.
    Annabell continues to improve and she’s now talking of starting to do more around the house. Perhaps my cooking is starting to get to her. Can’t think why – I haven’t poisoned anyone – yet… Oh, have not seen many photographs of my favourite Ninja. I trust she is ok.


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