Moving Forward – slowly.

Dawn at 06:15 this morning

Last weekend was fairly quiet. Sunday evening we had dinner at  Andrew’s Place. Andrew and Rachel decided that since mum was still unwell, they would cook dinner this week, so that’s where we went. It was most enjoyable and Andrew refused  all assistance from his mother and produced a simple but excellent  meal with Rachel making a Cheesecake for desert.  We had a good night and got to play with Connor for a while.

As I said on a previous post, Benji and I go out for our morning walk at the same time every morning – 05:45  and I find it passing odd that the mornings are getting darker. And before you suggest “he’s cracking up” it just seems to me that it has gone from daylight in the morning to darkness very quickly. I have even started bringing my flashlight with me

On Monday I booked accommodation for the Church Conference in February. There is every possibility that I may not be able to attend or that the conference may be cancelled, but I thought it best to book early and  did ensure that there would be no fee charged for a cancellation. Not being able to attend means problems with Annabell or it clashed with a Hospital appointment, or it’s simply just cancelled due to Covid. At this stage we just have to take things on a daily basis.  Went shopping on Monday and didn’t get much. The


reason that I didn’t get much was that there was not much to get – the spread of Omicron  has closed down  warehouses, reduced shop staff and reduced the number of  drivers able to transport goods to  places around the country. Thus, some shelves are very bare looking, particularly the meat sections.

At the moment, here in South Australia we have about 3400 cases per day. A decline from the over 5000 cases a day a week ago. The total number of cases here is about 65,000. We are however, as of this week,  90% fully vaccinated.

Annabell still gets tired but she is starting to do some things around the house. I am still doing much of the cooking and all of the Laundry. I mean there might only be the two of us here but the laundry still mounts up at the end of the week.  Andrew and Rachel are heading off to Adelaide today. I was invited to go with them but I would have to get a coach home as they are staying until Sunday. It was a kind offer but I said no. If all is well I will be going to Adelaide myself first week in February and for what I want in Adelaide I need the car.

It’s a worry…

Having just written the above we have had a telephone call from Flinders and we will be in Adelaide on Friday  4th February for her surgery. Now we do not know all the details  but they are sending them by email. We may be required earlier for tests so I will leave off booking the accommodation for the moment.  I had intended on going to Adelaide so I might be able  to combine the two events — well, that’s plan A.

4 thoughts on “Moving Forward – slowly.

  1. Yes we can start to plan things now and thus far it has been a good weekend – Chucking it down and cold – whatever happened to summer??


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