Gardens, Birds and an Ark.

This Meeting is now in Session!

It’s not that I don’t want to write, the  problem is that I have been doing nothing to write about. Well, that’s not really true as you can imagine, but I rather suspect that  you really don’t want  continual posts discussing the health and well-being of Annabell. I have not been going anywhere – except to hospitals and doctor clinics, –  so I have not a lot to write about.  I have kept up my  daily walks with Benji and they are going well. We are still covering  around 33-37 miles (50 – 60 klms) per week. I have made  what turned out to be a major change in  the  walking system – i.e. the position of the Fitbit.

After  the attack on Benji  in Easter 2021, followed by his operation,  I was using the stroller, I complained to my son that  I was annoyed because using the stroller meant that my arm was not moving so the Fitbit did not register steps. My son  suggested that I strap the thing around my ankle. I was a bit sceptical , but I tried it and it worked. However as soon as I came back home and put the stroller away, I changed back to my wrist  and I never really investigated it. About a couple of weeks ago I decided to investigate the results of having it on my ankle and found that in a week I had increased my steps and my distance overall.  I went from 87,000 steps per week on the wrist to 106,000 steps per week on the ankle. But then, there have been a number of doctor and hospital visits this last week and that built up the steps, so it’s not all due to the change of the Fitbit.

Benji at the Gardens
Ada Ryan Gardens








There have been serious floods in New South Wales and in Queensland. We have friends in Lismore – which was badly hit. The MacDonald’s own a vehicle workshop and garage and with the impending flood they cleared out the workshop and the office. However, there were two cars that could not be moved, so, they got them onto the car lift and raised it to full. They had predicted a 12 metre flood but what they got was 15 metres. It’s still raining and flooding because the  ground is so  waterlogged the rain has nowhere to go. There was some flooding in Adelaide, but nothing on the scale of inter-state. There is more rain predicted this weekend and parts of Sydney are on alert. Concern has been expressed with respect to the flooding and the fact that a good percentage of the houses in parts of Australia and built of what  once was and is starting to be again – a flood-plain. Annabell agreed about not building on a floodplain until I pointed out that this is where are and that is why there is a large levy-bank running the entire length of the town. In fact, when we had the heavy rain for a few days a month or so ago, the water was backed up behind the levy bank and children ( mostly teenagers)  were  using surf boards to play around in the water.

Summer – such as it was – has ended and we are now into Autumn (Fall)   and here we are in day  5  already. Out of all of this there is a sort of silver lining. The  continual rain has filled all the dams and the water catchment area are over-flowing which means that if after this we go into drought  (probably) we will have more than

This cheeky pose is still my favourite.

enough water stored up to cope better than we did last time, so we can keep the restrictions down to a minimum.

Update on Annabell: She is  reasonably well at the moment. She still gets  very tired and  mornings are not the best time of the day. It is  three months today since she had the seizure and we still don’t know what caused it. All the tests thus far are fairly good but her doctors are still doing tests to try and find out the cause. In  two weeks we head back down to Adelaide for consults at Flinders Medical. She has complaining that her computer is playing up so I will use the time down

A life on the Ocean Wave

there in Adelaide to see about a new computer for her. The current one I think  we got from Noah when he had finished navigating the Ark.

2 thoughts on “Gardens, Birds and an Ark.

  1. We’ve been hearing stories about the rains in Australia and have been thinking of you and your family and are sending best wishes for staying safe and well. Give my favorite Down Under lad an extra chin scratch.


    1. Yes and the rain is still falling. Places cleared of water and now getting flooded again – a sort of double whammy. We are fine here, dry and cool on the low 20sc.

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