Peaceful Odds and Ends

Lismore New South Wales

The Eastern States, particularly Queensland and New South Wales  have been suffering the brunt of Mother Nature’s fury and  it is still raining. Dams are now overflowing adding to the already flooded areas. Some places  where the water had receded and clean-up had started, are now flooded again. Once again there is the blame game and  heated discussions on  flood plains and building houses. From what I remember from geography, large tracts of the Australian Landmass  are classified as “Flood Plains”  including this area  where we currently live.           Why don’t we flood? Well, the levy bank, an extensive storm-water drainage system    and the fact that there are no creeks nor rivers in this area all helps. South Australia is the driest State in Australia.

Thus far we have spent much of this week back and forward to hospitals and spent from 9am to 11:15 am in hospital for tests

Still my boy.

and a consultation. To be fair they were not all for Annabell – one was mine. I had to go for a blood test that required fasting – generally not a concern. However, this time: Annabell had to be at the hospital a 9am for an ECG. Anyway let’s go back a few steps.  My  test required fasting, so I  did not eat after 7pm last night (Wednesday) At 7:30 I was at the camera group meeting, returning home around 9pm. I did some work on the computer for a while.  This morning (Thursday) went out with Benji at 6am, made Annabell’s breakfast then brought my dairy up to date. Left home at 8;30 and took her for her test at 9am. The results of the ECG  were taken to Mr. Alam, the Cardiologist. Then it was my turn.  All in we spent about three hours  at the hospital.  I was just a tad hungry having had nothing to eat since last night, so we stopped off at Hungry Jacks (Burger King in the USA) before going home – and yes, we did get something for the boy. He is still looking after his Mum. We go out for our walk in the morning and when we get back, he waits for me to give him his  breakfast treat and that’s the last I see of him. He goes into Annabell’s room and stays, looking after her until such time as she awakes and gets up.

Monday and today (Tuesday) have been relatively quiet. Tomorrow (Wednesday) we head back to the hospital for an EEG and that’s us clear until next Monday when we head off to drive the 477 klms. to Adelaide and her appointment at Flinders on Tuesday. In better times we could have left Tuesday morning and still be in time for the appointment on Tuesday afternoon, but watching the news on Monday night and the traffic backed up for  nearly 10 Port Wakefield because of the roadworks, Monday is the safer bet.

Much of the flooding  in the Eastern States has started to recede but it is still raining.  Certainly not as bad as it was to create the flooding in the first place, but still rain. We

Outside of town. Not much to see.

here in South Australia have had no rain worth talking about although, as a State.  we are still recovering and repairing the damage caused  by our rainstorms a few months ago.  This weekend is the weekend of the State Election, so we have letterboxes full of election   stuff, much of which is taken from the letterbox directly to the recycle bin.

The weather here has been in the mid 30s for much of the last  few days. I still take Benji out and we still go to the Ada Ryan Gardens. As I said before the trees are large and thus the  shade is good for a walk even on the hottest days and there is a dog  watering place as well as a water fountain. The council has provided and maintains the free  barbecues, so at times it can be a

Another pot plant

popular place for a fun family outing.  Once in dim dark days beyond recall, we held Sunday School picnics and outings there – we had games, adventure puzzles, food and drink for adults and children, things that the children had to go and find – and always an adult or two went along with them so they were not alone. They were great, fun filled days. Sadly they are now gone and we have no children at all in the church and,  as I said before, we are in decline. and I  think we only have a few more years before we will close altogether. Annabell was the last Secretary of the Women’s Association, which we had to close  due to lack of ladies to take up office positions.

The family still comer for dinner on a Sunday evening. Thus I have my work cut out. Annabell assists ( changed days she assists me instead of me assisting her) and we get through the evening. Connor (Grandson) can be a bit of a pain at times but that’s what children do As I said, I have not poisoned anyone  – yet…


7 thoughts on “Peaceful Odds and Ends

    1. I agree but there seems to be a determination to find out what caused this seizure, so we keep going. Yes, I am so proud of Benji the way he looks after Annabell

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    1. The problem is that it takes ages to get the results of such visits and tests. The one we did today will take up to three weeks before we get a report. And I am still keeping to the cooking strategy…


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