Cockatoo, Strange Flower and Ada Ryan Garden.

Friday April 8th.

Always My Boy!

Son John has just called me and let me know that he has had a close contact with a person who has tested positive to Covid-19, so he has to isolate until such time as he can organise to get tested himself. I guess that means we wont be seeing him this weekend. The covid cases continue to climb in South Australia and we are almost 7000 new cases per day, and the socialists want to remove masks next week and remove all restrictions. Civil rights groups are taking the  Government to court  for its imposition of mandatory vaccinations for certain job groups, police, teachers and school staff and retail staff. We are in a

This is our Cockatoo at the Gardens

situation one week before the end of term that schools are having to close down because there are not enough staff to cope with classes with so many teachers and support staff across the state  testing positive to covid. They are practtically  begging retired teachers to  return to teaching to help them out and get them over the crisis. Perhaps if someone  could give the socialists a good shake to waken them up to the fact that the previous government put the rules in place for a reason – to keep the people of South Australia safe. Up until now it has. Now with the continued increase in cases,  coupled with the removal of almost  all restrictions, SA is no longer the safe haven it was.  Thanks guys!!

Things are strange. As the rain and rainstorms continue to  bomb New South Wales and parts of Victoria with more flooding and  much “re-flooding” South Australia has warm, sunny 30c weather yesterday, 32 tomorrow and 34 on  Monday. After that we may have some rain, but not a lot. That’s good – a wee drop of rain is good for the garden.

On the subject of gardens, I have been taking Benji to the Ada Ryan Gardens most days. In this lovely weather I would like to drive out to the lighthouse or Port Douglas, but we are thinking about  130 klms round trip.  I  filled the car up on Thursday and that set me back $117 so can’t do that too often and drive back and forth to Adelaide. However, the gardens are still looking good despite the fact that a lot of the flowers  have died, but it’s still a good walk  in the shade of the big trees.  It being, as I

Strange Flower

said, a warm, sunny day, there were several picnics at the gardens and there was also a jumping castle. The barbecue area was empty but there were long tables set up with food and drinks and lots  of coolers. The children seemed to be having a great time. Benji and I wandered away to the far side of the gardens and  stayed away from that area.. However, I think it is  good that the gardens are being used for what they were designed for more often.

The Boy and I comtinue our walks.In the morning we set off in a kind of half-light that brightens up fairly quickly and  it’s  saylight when we are on our way back.. The evening is dark all the way so I have reduced the distance and the overall time of our evening walk> I don’t think he is too bothered as long as we get out together.

5 thoughts on “Cockatoo, Strange Flower and Ada Ryan Garden.

  1. Aww, what a sweet photo of ‘your Boy.’ He’s just too precious. I think you mystery plant is some sort of iris-it sure is pretty, whatever it is. Thanks for sharing. Stay safe in this crazy world of COVID. Hope your son tests negative and if he does have it, recovers quickly and without problem.


    1. Thank you. Both of by sons have been cleared so that’s good. Annabell is not as great as I would like her to be but we batle on. My health has been a bit off and thus far in the last year I have lost some 23 kilo in weight. Joyful – new clothes!!

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  2. I do not know what the level is here in town but the state level is about 37,000 – but ( and don’t laugh) there are more people in central Scotland than there are in the whole of South Australia and YES! we are bigger than Texas.


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