Dogs, Birds and Word Press problems.

The run down to Adelaide was slow due to the roadworks  and the duplication of the main highway. The drive through Port Wakefield wasn’t all that much better with the bridge works and the access roads still being constructesd. However, what is in operation  is good and has certainly  cleared the deadly intersection that caused so many accidents – and a few deaths. All of this takes time so we are going to be stuck with these dalays and road closures for quite some time to come.  Once we reached the  city I was able to stop off at Officeworks and get Annabell the new computer that I promised her. We set the computer up in  the room for her to have a look at and yes, I did remember to bring a monitor, keyboard  and cables with me. It’s a Lenovo – 16gb Ram with a 512gb hard drive+ 2TB drive. I only took a small(ish) monitor down with us but once we get everything sorted out and set the things up, I will give her a much larger monitor. I did  get her to play with my laptop for a bit before a decision was made – laptop or desktop – and  she was not too comfortable on the laptop- more used to a keybnoard. So, a desktop (Tower) was the final decision..

We only arrived back late Wednesday afternoon and I have hardly had time to stop.  Everything has just been a mad rush since we got back. We also have a tentative date for the next day surgery of  Monday May 16th. Although this is the date we have been given, I’m not too sure about it as the day surgery is generally a Friday = but we’ll see.

We have been home for a week now and already I am starting to organise things for the  three days and the day surgery in May. Had a call from Canberra about a document they want signed. Seems the document is on its way, I get it read it, sign it and send it back  by return post. It has to be there by the 18th April and it’s not here yet. I think Canberra is unaware that the postal service in South Australia is run  by the Pony Express. The clocks went back on Sunday so we are back to normal time rather than daylight saving. Benji got a little bit anxious when he believed I should be serving him dinner, but I compromised and gave him his dinner a bit earlier than normal in the new time. I will slowly work it back to the new time..

Cockatoos – again.

Currently there are two Cancer Council Lodges – Flinders Lodge and Greenhill Lodge. Annabell and I stay in Flinders Lodge and that’s where I will book for the May trip. This will probably be for the last time since both lodges have been sold to developers and are currently leased back to the Cancer Council. However, the new Multi-story Lodge should be ready for August/September so that will be interesting. I  will be sad when Flinders Lodge closes since I will miss the nightly visit by the Sulpher Crested Cockatoos.

Not sure about that :o)

At the moment it is unsure what will happen with respect to the Commissioner to the State Assembly and the Presbytery. I have been doing this for so long and part of the reason for that is that there is no one else. We don’t have the qualified person to take over. If we fail to fill the position, then Assembly will appoint one of its members to act on our behalf and that person may not have our interests at heart. The position itself is not too great a burden  nor do I mind the driving to Adelaide and back five times a year, but each  trip means two days away from Annabell. That’s what bothers me. It is amazing how your mind-set changes. I am like a yuppie  ( I said “Like”)  I cannot go anywhere without my mobile (cell) phone. I have turned the car round and gone back home because I forgot to lift the phone If I go outside to work, my phone goes with me. If Annabell gets into trouble and calls me I need to get back as quickly as possible. This is why I stopped going to the Wetlands in the morning. My reason tells me that if Annaberll had another seizure. she would not be able to use the phone, I realise this, but it’s not changing what I do or how I think. All very strange.

I am trying to respond to posts but we have gone back  to “your WordPress account has expired” then it deletes what I have written.  So, please understand that I am not ignoring anyone. Not all posts so it’s like being blocked from certain posts. Decidedly strange.


5 thoughts on “Dogs, Birds and Word Press problems.

    1. Thank you. Yes it worked fairly well given the circumstances. The surgery is 16th May and, really, it’s not all that far away, Thank you for your Good Wishes.


  1. Argh…technical problems are so frustrating. Sorry you are experiencing this issue again. Hopefully you’ll be able to resolve it soon. I know what you mean about carrying a phone with you everywhere. I’ve learned not to idling use it when standing in line somewhere (unlike most of the population) but when you need to be reached, it’s a comfort knowing you have it.

    Does Australia have those medical alert devices that people wear on a lanyard and activate by pushing a button in case of emergency? They might be easier for Annabell to operate than a cell phone.


    1. Yes we do have Medical Alert devices but trying to convince her that she should have one is not going down too well.. But she is fairly well and we just hope that continues. Last report is that nothing has moved or grown and all is stable, so we continue with the present treatment.

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