Hospital, Vet, Cats and Kittens

Drove to Port Augusta yesterday to take Annabell to Big W. She had tried to get the things she wanted here without success so she thought we could try Port Augusta, Sadly this didn’t happen and she didn’t find what she was looking for. But, despite the delays and the constant speed changes – 110 – 80 – 60 – 40 -25 as well as a convoy, we had a good family outing – all three of us- Maw, Paw and the Bairn, (translation, Mum, Dad and the Child – well, actually a fur-child called Benji) We had lunch at the Port, which I wont say much about, and then we drove back home. It was a nice couple of hours and got Annabell out for a little while and along the way we listened to The Seekers and John Denver, while Benji was quite happy to curl up in the back seat. I did take him for a walk along the jetty, so that wsn’t too bad. The new bridge is coming on well and the approach roads are being sorted out now, so it’a all
Flinders Cancer Innovations Clinic

coming together nicely. At the end of next week  we head off to Adelaide  and then the Flinders Medical for day surgery. This coming Tuesday we are confined to the house to await telephone calls from the Nurse, the Specialist and the Anethitist , so that should be a full day.

Sunday morning and we  drive to Adelaide. I should like to think that we might have some free time together and go into town and perhaps she can get some of the things she is looking for, but it is unlikely – drive down Sunday – surgery Monday – Tuesday day of rest and telephone calls from the hospital to check that she is ok, Wednesday AM we drive back home. I certainly have some free time while she is in surgery but there asre some things I cannot buy. The thought just occurred to me that we could make a detour at Port Pirie and go into the Shopping Centre there and see what they have
Back in the stroller for a little while.
Taking Benji to the Vet this afternoon. He seems ok but I find him very lethargic and he scratches a lot. I have given him his flea and tick treatment each month so this puzzles me a bit. Of course it might be just his age – he is 12 this year. Yes I know and it is still confusing – the rescue people where we adopoted him from had him born in 2012, which makes him 10 but papers obtained by our Vet say he was born in 2010, which makes him 12. I grew up on the understanding that a dog ages 7 years for every human year, but I don’t think that is true anymore and I am not sure what the current thinking is.  — Just looked on line and according to the chart I found if he is 12 he is 64 and if he is 10 he is 56.  He is under 20 kilos so he is classed as a small dog. So it would seem that he is not quite as old as I thought he was. If it gets to the point where he can’t walk as far as we do, I will  get out the stroller and  still take him out in the fresh air.  At the vet today he weighed in at 9.4 kilo, which is a bit down from the 10 kilo last visit. The Vet was unsure just what the infection is but he took some blood gave him two injections. He also gave me a course of Antibiotics to give him for the next ten days. Also decided to take him out in the stroller on the long morning walk for a couple of days. Will still take him walking for the evening walk.
Suggestions Welcome.

This is a kind of “Motherhood” statement  “I am a dog person!” This does not mean that I don’t like cats, I just don’t have any and I really don’t want any – I have dogs in my life, not cats.  I would never encourage cats but at the same time I would never harm them or cause them to be harmed. So I was more than surprised to find that  a cat and her partner took up  residence in my back yard and were sleeping on a park bench. This  shock was  even greater when I discovered that not only were there two adult cats but there were also three kittens.  I know, I know, it’s  not a good idea to feed them, but the thought of the babies going hungry upset me, so yes, I put out a bowl of milk and some cat food – which I bought at the supermarket. Not sure if I did the right thing but I can’t just let the kittens go hungry.

2 thoughts on “Hospital, Vet, Cats and Kittens

  1. Thank you – hugs and tail wgs are always appreciated. Certainly been an interesting week. Benji and the Marmalade Cat met head on and they rubbed noses together. Have no idea what that could possibly mean, but at least thy didn’t claw each other. It’s a worry. O;)


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