Anzac, Hospital, Benji and Cats.

April 25th.

A fairly quiet long weekend and a public holiday.  Monday 25th April (Today)  is ANZAC Day, a day when Australians and New Zealanders give thanks for the sacrifice  those in the past made to defend and preserve the freedoms that we generally take for granted today. I attended the Dawn Service at the Memorial Gates  this morning and I  saw that  whilst there were quite a few people there ( a reasonable size crowd) I did observe that there were very few young people  attending. At the end of each Service the Australian and the New Zealand National Anthems are played.   On the way home, I stopped off  at Maccas ( which is always open) and bought breakfast for my travelling companion and me.. I have chicken nuggets in the freezer , but this was Special and he deserved a treat. Besides, nuggets are very useful to hide medicine inside. The pills the Vet gave me to give to him are fairly large antibiotic so I find it easier to cut them in half and  use two nuggets,. Just as well he really likes nuggets. At 06:30 Annabell was still asleep – which is good.  I did talk to her, briefly at just after  7am then she went back to bed.

The Kittens.

During the course of this week I will get things sorted out and ready for our drive to Adelaide on Sunday Morning. My Nikon Camera is  needing to be looked at so I have to remember to take that with us as well as the Canon – which I am using along with my  Cell Phone. I have decided  for the present to use the term “Cell Phone” mainly because it’s much easier than writing things out twice..  The other

The little Kitten

day I wrote that I had somehow acquired cats and then discovered that I also had kittens wandering about. I have found that cats and kittens seem to vanish for much of the day then in the afternoon and for most of the night ( I think) they gather to sleep on the park bench. Still haven’t figured out what the nose rubs between Benji and one of the cats, meant although I have been told by someone

that it is part of an animal greeting ritual. Does this mean that Benji and the Marmalade Cat are now “Pals” ? I don’t see it but you never know. I do know the kittens run and hide whenever Benji or I appear. I know where they hide and it’s quite interesting. There is the barbecue and there is the barbecue cover, which covers the unit right down to the ground. This is where the kittens run and hide – underneath the cover.  The two photographs, well,  all the photographs of the cats are taken through the  window. Just as well the window is clean after all the rain and wind we have had these last few days.

A friend has suggested that there is a danger that the adult cats will take off leaving me with the kittens.   I don’t think these are feral cats but I will certainly keep a close eye on what is happening. It could well be than the cats are not getting any rest with all the noise from the neighbour’s place. Well, they call it music but we wont go into that..

The hospital (Flinders) called this afternoon – four calls, doctor.  nurse, anaesthetist, and the nurse again. We have to go to the hospital here tomorrow for blood tests the results of which will be faxed to  Flinders. The nurse did say that she was sending an email to me with all the admission details, but thus far – nothing. Will have to watch for it over the next day or so.  We  have had the blood tests Adelaide asked for so we will have the scans done a week tomorrow when we return from Adelaide,. Monday and Tuesday  look good days – Wednesday warm and dry for driving home but at the moment Sunday looks a bit wet and windy for the drive down.. Still, early days – it could change.



7 thoughts on “Anzac, Hospital, Benji and Cats.

  1. we hope for good results for the tests…. and we thought about the soldiers from oz yesterday…fortunately there was a remembering event in villers-bretonneux yesterday after two years of silence…


    1. Yes and I am really trying it uncomplicate it. Bu7t sometimes – LOL – I feel I just make things worse. What is it —- One Step from the Sublime to the Ridiculous.!!

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  2. Here’s hoping the test results go well and the trip without issue. I’m not very knowledgeable about kitten behavior but think these guys aren’t very socialized which almost makes me think they are somewhat feral. Most of the time socialized cats are curious about people and certainly not instantaneously afraid of dogs and people (presuming they have not had a prior bad encounter). Good luck with your new ‘house guests.’


    1. Now that I think they have ” tamed” Benji they (adult cats) do not run away when I am near. The kittens still do though. I thought it was Benji’s job to protect and defend and here he is making friends with the intruders. I luve him to bits but he worries me :o) How is my favourite Ninja? I don’t hear much from her at the moment as you are busy at the hospital with Norman. I hope she is well.

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      1. Your favorite Ninja is no doubt plotting against both her big brother and me in her usual Ninja ways. She had a very small seizure about 10 days ago but she seems fine now.


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