Adelaide, Hospital and Cockatoos.

Just for fun: The Rundle Mall Pigeon

The journey down to Adelaide was not all that different from the last two trips, roadworks, delays, constant changes of speed limits, all making

No idea but I thought they looked nice.

the trip  very much longer than it should be. Still it was fine weather and being a Sunday, not too much traffic, so the convoys were not too large. The new overpass and bridge at Port Wakefield are almost completed so that’s a great improvement to time and safety.  We reached Flinders lodge early afternoon and once  we were booked in and  I had her settled, we were able to relax.  In the evening after I cooked dinner, I managed to watch my Lego Masters program on TV. Early bed and  a rise  at 05;00, washed and showered and a taxi ordered for 06;00 to be at the hospital for 06;30. I stayed with her until she was taken at 08;20 then made my way back into town.  Had brought my camera with me and wanted to see if I could get it checked. I thought it had been damaged after being knocked off the table by the grandson. Anyway, it was checked and I am thankful to say that the camera itself was fine—no concerns there.  However, the lens was a different matter.  That required a minor repair to fix but it was that  which was causing the photographs to be fuzzy. I was also told that the lens (Nikon 18-55mm) was on its way out and it  should be replaced in the not too distant future.  I also found out that the 18-55mm lens is no longer made by Nikon  but I could still get a replacement if I look hard enough. The Camera Shop didn’t have one or I would have bought it then.  I did some other shopping and made my way back to the hospital to wait and collect Annabell.

Sad to say that we were told at the hospital  that the  treatment does not appear to be working so they may not continue with it after this three month period.

Also pretty.

The cancer

Feeding the Sulphur Crested Cockatoos

has not grown nor has it moved, BUT  it has not shrunk either and after nearly two years of this treatment there should have been some movement but there is not.  Don’t know where we go from here but at least we have  three months to think about it. I suspect the  Innovations in Cancer Clinic will call us before it’s time to go back down again.  Actually, we will have to go back down again anyway to have the units removed, regardless of what happens from here.

The weather, as I said was great on the Sunday travel. We had good weather both Monday and Tuesday. On Tuesday I went into town and  out to the hospital since they had not signed the forms that Annabell needs. That took me a couple of hours.

All over the railings. More further along.

From town I  went directly to Norwood and did some shopping for her there.

On Monday evening I fed the birds—four of them. On Tuesday I counted 25 Cockatoos around the railings with more on the roof. I don’t know what will happen once this place closes down in September.  On Tuesday night I packed the car with most things and on the Wednesday after we  finished packing and tidied up the room, we were on our way by 6am. We had breakfast at Port Wakefield. From there until almost ten minutes from the house, Annabell slept. She does not even remember me stopping at Port Augusta to go into Big W to check out their Lego kits. I guess she needed the sleep – it has been a busy,  and at times, stressful two days for her.  I did say good weather Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, but I drove home mostly in the rain on Wednesday – mainly showers and rain-bands but some were quite heavy. Less that an hour from home and the rain

The Benji

had gone and the remainder of the journey was with sunshine and bright blue skies.  To say that Benji was happy to see his peepel home is an understament. Took him ages to settle down and I had difficulty unloading the car. As soon as I moved towards the door he was at my heel. I wasn’t going out that door without him.  It was good to be home again and I miss him.

9 thoughts on “Adelaide, Hospital and Cockatoos.

  1. hugs to your annabell… that were no good news you got… but we all hope and we have all fingers crossed. nice to see the benji boy… this look … wonderful…


    1. Yes the news wasn’t all that great but on the brighter side, the treatment has kept it in check for the last two years, so that’s positive. I’m sure that a solution will be found.


  2. Sorry about the news for Annabell. Cancer sucks, there’s just no two ways about it. Hopefully there will be another option with you go for the follow up. We have our fingers crossed. Sweet, dear Benji. What a love. Have a good weekend.


    1. Yes, not the best but I feel there will be another solution/ option. Over the last two years we have met some lovely and caring people at the Lodge and at the two clinics. so that’s been very positive. I have not heard the large lady sing, so it’s not over yet…

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      1. We will continue to keep Annabell and you in our thoughts and prayers that something else works. On the plus side, it hasn’t changed, which has to be considered quite positive. 🤞🏼


    1. This is an innovation and I believe it does not work for everyone. It’s been to years and it has not moved, so that in itself is good. I have faith that the people in Adelaide will find another solution.


  3. Sorry to read that the treatments have not worked to shrink the tumor, but at least it has not grown or metastasized. That in itself is thankful news. I pray that you and Annabell are given new options that will help.

    Good to see your sweet Benji! Love the expression on his face!


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