Winter, cold, and walks with stroller

Thank you mummy…

Thursday 2nd June. The second official day of winter, which, thus far has been cold, wet and miserable:  rain and  high, cold winds, Also, today is Connor’s 5th Birthday. It does not seem like  five years since the rascal  came into the world and now here he is starting school in July.  Benji has not  been at his best these past weeks and I have been taking him out for our main walk ( 2.75 miles ) in his stroller, and, since it’s been cold, well wrapped up.  For the evening walk, which is  a twenty minute walk   around the block – he walks and it’s not too much for him. I   think he enjoys both outings. These days we don’t venture very far from home.  Benji  may well be 12 this October, because he is a rescue there is some  confusion about his actual date of birth, but I am ok with 12 and if  taking him out in the stroller helps  I’m all for it.   It is winter and Annabell gets cold easily, so we bought an electric throw blanket to keep her warm  when she is watching TV. The photograph shows the Benji making use of the bottom part of it.  LOL  I tell you, what a pair…

At the moment there is no word from Adelaide, so I guess we will have to wait until the 17th to find out what the next steps in the process will be.

As you have no doubt heard, we have a new Federal Government.   Not going to say a great deal about this new government other than = Pray for us.

Winter has arrived in an unhappy mood and already there is wild weather and  major flooding in Adelaide due to heavy rainstorms that are coming in from the gulf. We have had a fair bit of rain here but not much since the bulk of the rainstorms went below us – struck the lower peninsula and crossed to the Yorke Peninsula and the Adelaide plains..

As far as I am

Nice and peaceful. He still likes to get out though.

aware the bulk of the damage was Adelaide North – Elizabeth and Salisbury although there was some in town. We did have a bit of a belt this afternoon – quite heavy for a little while, but it has now passed over. Don’t know if we will have any more, but at least  we don’t have to water the garden. Having said that, I took the car to the car-wash at 7am this morning = LOL that was a waste of time.  By the time that it has has taken me to get home and write this last couple of sentences, the rain has passed and the skies are   a nice blue again.  If this stays like this I might actually get down to the Ada Ryan gardens.                  (I didn’t)

Annabell has been a lot better these last few days and I am really pleased. She is up and about more but still gets a little bit flustered at times, but that’s ok – still good. We have had our third Covid injection but to tell the truth, I don’t think anyone really cares much now. I think there are still some places that require  to see a Covid Digital Certificate but these are few and far between – mostly aged residential places.

The new Cafe being built at the foreshore

I have a cataract  in my right eye and I was at the  hospital to see about it this afternoon. What a performance, different rooms different machines different tests. Anyway, I  had this wild notion that I would have this done   fairly shortly –  yes well.  I don’t get to see the specialists until  mid August and it will be at least 12 – 14 months after that before I would be admitted to hospital to have it attended to. I never for a moment imagined that it would take that long to get things done.  Just as well it’s not too bad.

As far as I know, the main cafe at the foreshore is not doing all that much business so why we are building a second one right beside the first one has got me puzzled. Perhaps we will find out – in the fullness of time.

4 thoughts on “Winter, cold, and walks with stroller

  1. we are happy that you annabell feels good this time and we hope the good news continue…… we heard about the new govt…. to pray is all we can do for all of us ;O)


  2. All the best with the new government. Stay warm all of you. Love seeing Benji curled up on Annabell’s electric blankie. So cute. Getting quick healthcare anymore is a lot like finding products on shelves-supply chain issues. Just glad you are not at critical mass state.


    1. We just find the A/C is not heating the place up as much as it used to – hence the blanket for her. Empty shelves and $10 for a lettace – well actually $9.75. With regard to the eye – I never even noticed much of a change until it was time to upgrade my galsses..

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