Winter, Snow but still flowers

While not as wild as it was earlier in the week, it is still very cold in the mornings and sometimes wet.  I think we got spoiled last year with such a mild winter so we are feeling the cold with this winter. Benji and I still get out and about in the morning, cold as it is. He is in is stroller, well rugged up and even with his own personal Hot Water Bottle. Yes Well, the way I see it is that he is in the stroller and not really moving so he would feel the cold more than me walking alongside him. Perhaps I do tend to spoil him – but just a tad, you understand.

Good start to the season I believe.
Mount Hotham I think-

Amnabell is still good and we are expecting some information from Flinders later on this week. I hope it will give us some direction of where we go from here. However, that apart, we are not really dué to go back to Flinders until late July or  early August but this call could change that. I don’t expect it will but then I really dont know what we should expect. All very confusing, really.. What with one thing and another, I have not been  to the Gardens recently. I really must try and get down there sometime this week while the weather is still fairly reasonable. Talking about weather, the Victorian Snowfields have had the best start to the skiing season in  20 years – the snow fell steadly for days and all the lodges are booked out.  Rescue was called out inTasmania to rescue people that had been caught out in an unexpected snow blizzard. You might remember that a couple of years ago I posted  some photographs of snow in the Flinders Ranges – didn’t last long but still, it was snow. I like the photographs but unlike  many of you, I don’t have snow – or anything like it – on my doorstep. Mount Hotham is about 670 miles away from here.

Benji at the foreshore

The weather remained fairly mild for most of the afternoon so having made sure that Anabell was ok, I took Benji to the Ada Ryan Gardens and then a walk along the foreshore. I remembered to take a  couple of biscuit (cookies) with me to feed the Sulpher Crested Cockatoos. There were a few people around but it was not busy at all considering it was a mild

A few flowers remain

day and a long weekend. Still have no idea why the second cafe is being built right beside the first one. I dare say we will find out sometime. Can only rarely get Benji to look directly towards me when I want to take a photograph.  On the subject of photographs I finished and printed off the Church Magazine. I was told by  several people that they missed it.  Don’t know why –  I published the last one in March – one a quarter is enough I think. They might like to have an issue more often but it’s not an easy task to do on your own – as I do. Once a quarter is about as much as I can manage.

We had a quiet weekend in that we had John Jnr. only for dinner on Sunday. Connor is with his mother this weekend and Andrew is in Adelaide. This is good since it’s been a while since Annabell and I had a  reasonably quiet  Sunday evening. John  was good but he’s fairly quiet,  has dinner, stays for a bit, plays with Benji   then goes off and does his shopping.. Having the rest of the evening gives me

End of season I think

time to get things done and  sort out what I am doing in the morning – other than taking Benji out on our morning walk.  Benji was a bit sick early this morning  so I had to wash his blanket and clean out the stroller. He’s been fine since then, but I have kept an eye on him. Perhaps it was just something he  had eaten.

Good to see Dopugal again.

We will be having a visitor for a few days. Sam has to go to Adelaide so he has asked us if we would look after Dougal  from Thursday to Sunday. Haven’t seen Dougal for a while  so it will be nice for the two boys to get together for a bit. I like Dougal. I wont see Yogi again.  Jim has gone to be with his family in  Perth, Western Australia, and , sadly, Yogi has died. However, Jim did tell  us that he had Yogi creamated and he is taking his ashes with him to Perth.  Be good to see Dougal again and I think Benji will enjoy the company.

4 thoughts on “Winter, Snow but still flowers

    1. Thank you. I would really prefer some heat. It’s just too cold at the moment and I am glad the snowfields are so far away from us here in South Australia..


  1. What I’d give for some snow right now. We haven’t officially started summer yet and already there are triple digit records. I’ve begun the countdown to autumn’s start-only 100 days. Gah!

    Stay well and give my favorite Down Under pooch an extra ear rub.


  2. Oh no thank you – I would like some of your heat though. It’s cold here in the mornings. In fact it’s cold here much of the day. Benji goes inrto his stroller, makes himself comfortable with his blanket aroun him and then sleeps for the next 40 minutes all snug and warm, whilst his man-servant does all the work for the next 2 miles. What a life :o)


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