Wind and Weather and Scammed

Nikon Lens

Well, I have joined the ranks of the gullable and I have been scammed. I told  you that I had ordered a new 18-140mm lens for my Nikon but the company

The lighthouse

has still not sent it and I am still waiting. I have found out that they have done this quite a lot and there has been many complaints against this company, but still nothing has been done and they still continue to advertise. I have written and there has been no response, so  unless I start legal proceedings and – really – just talking to a lawyer will cost more than I paid for the lens, I just accept my loss, give myself a slap on the back to the head and get on with things.  Needless to say that I have not got my lens – ho well – you lives and you learns and I learned to go to a well known and recognised company next time. Having said that, next time might be a while  – this time cost me enough.

As I said last post we have the date for the  clinic in Adelaide regarding Annabells  health. However, I do not believe that I  said that the clinic will be by telephone. That should be interesting.  Annabell is doing well. She has an infection at the moment, but nothing to be too concerned about and it is being attended to.  The weather this last week has been C.W.M.  ( cold, wet and miserable) but I have still managed to get out with Benji most mornings. I just make sure that whilst he is in the stroller he is well rugged up and protected from the cold.  I was asked recently if, when we were in Adelaide,  seperation anxiety was a concern. I said it was but Annabell helps me cope with it.  :o)

Going back to the weather again. I go out with Benji at 6am, and this morning was – in fact the last few mornings have been – quite mild. I work at my desk and I am finding that

Benji in his chair when the sun came out for a little while.

as the morning wears on, it gets colder. We did get out to the garden and get some work done for a  little while. At about 3pm it started to rain and the rain stayed on, sometimes quite heavy until about 6, which means it had stopped by the time I wanted to take Benji out for our evening walk. The evening walk is a walk in that  Benji is not in his stroller. However, the evening walk is only about 3/4 of  of a mile – which he can do rather than the 2.5 miles in the morning. The early mornings have been beautiful and the dawn has been  worth getting out for. I would like to be at Point Lowly or even at the Wetlands for the sunrise, but I have still not got over that seizure and don’t stray too far away – just in case…  The afternoons are ok and when it’s calm  the boy and I get down to the Ada Ryan Gardens, Oh and I need to mention that this is not a people chair that Benji has taken over – this chair was  bought for him. The old red one that he used to catch the sun was getting a bit  tattered, so we dumped that and bought him this new one. You may notice that he is not settled down to get some sun – that’s because he is protesting. He may not look like he is but he is..  The shadow from the  umbrella was blocking his sun – so I had to go over and move the chair so that he could have his full sun.

Tomorrow is not looking good either!

The weather at the moment is strange. According to the Tuesday weather forecast, on Wednesday there was to be sun – no rain and no wind. The heavy wind warning was for the far west coast. Got up Wednesday and it was a bit of a wind when the boy and I were out. It picked up and by mid morning it was  almost gale force and that lasted the entire day. We didn’t go out last night. This morning, Thursday. not a breath of wind, very calm and  clear sky. We finished our walk and we were only just home when the rain started. Where the heck did that come from – there was no rain forecast. I think the forecasters need a new  Ouija Board. According to the long range forecast, Spring and early Summer are to be wet with the possibility of flooding. Great.. that should make Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland very happy!!

5 thoughts on “Wind and Weather and Scammed

  1. Yes, I agree, but with the way things are here at the moment, not surprising – We needed to go for a test this afternoon and could not because the area office of SA Pathology has been closed until further notice – lack of staff. Have to go to the hospital tomorrow to get the test done.


  2. Tele-appointments are becoming more and more common here. If there are no problems and just a follow up, they seem like a reasonable way to keep costs down. Good luck with it.

    Have you disputed the credit card charge? Sometimes that wakes up these scammy shiesters. At least when you dispute a charge, the credit card company will credit your account back and their fraud departments will go after the unscruplious. Good luck, I hope that might give you some comfort. You may not receive the lens, but at least you wouldn’t have to pay for not receiving it. Give me favorite down under lad a nice chin scritch and stay warm.


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