Locally Out and About for a while

On the outside of town.

The last two days have been really good. The rain vanished for a couple of days and we had really nice weather for a change. Still

Very steep drive downhill from here.

cold at times but  warm at other times. The temperature these last few days – and again tonorrow – was 20c.  Not as warm as we would like but at least not  freezing cold like it has been. I took advantage after church today and went out for a wander with Benji. It’s been a while since we went out to Point Lowly and the lighthouse so that’s where we went.  Ovedrall, a nice drive  – warm and sunny.  Since we adopted him, Benji has loved to go out in the car but he has never been a  “poke your head out of the window” kind of dog. He’s more of a “I’ll just curl up here on the fornt seat and watch you drive”. But he like being in the car and we try to take him out with us as often as we can – and he really doesn’t mind if he is relegated to the back seat, just so long as he is with us. Sometime we go out and it’s “Lunch for three” .

The road out to the Point Lowly turn-off was pretty busy and I was wondering why – then I remem,bered it is the week-end of the  Show (Local Fair) and this is the first real show since the pandemic. I would like to go but I wont go on my own since Annabell is not able to go. We used to run a tea, coffee, cakes and sandwiches Marquee but  during the downturn of industry  some years ago we lost a few of our members and we just didn’t have enough people to erect and  the marquee , set it out with tables and chairs brought from the church,  urns and the Fridges – then dismantle it all at the end.         Well,  let me quality that – we certainly did

Looking towards the Lowly Hills

have enough people – but I should have said – young  fit and healthy people. We ended up recruiting family and friends – mainly  males. Also we were running out of ladies to  spend an entire week baking and then spend time, making  drinks and sandwiches.

Yes, both sides of the road is the Army Playpen.

We decided that after 24 years of doing this,  it was time to stop. We did one more year to make the 25 and then we did no more.   The marquee was sold as was much of the equipment. It was a lot of hard work and whilst it might have been rewarding, it was still long hard work from  8am to 9pm.

Apart from the traffic up to the turnoff, the drive to  Fitzgerald Bay was fairly quiet and Benji was curled up  and strapped in to the front seat  I drove out to Douglas Point and the Shingle Ridge and we walked around there for a bit. From there we drove out to the lighthouse and had a bit of a wander around there. The front area of the lighthouse is closed off with fencing as work is being done on the platform and the base of the lighthouse.

We didn’t spend too much time at the lighthouse since I needed to get home and start helping Annabell get dinner for the family ready. I do most of the work Monday to Saturday but she does Sunday Dinner for the family and I TRY (note the capitals) not to interfere,  just offer assistance.

Monday and a change  in the weather again. We seem to be back to winter and it’s cold and raining – fairly heavy at times.  I spent much of the day at the hospital waiting to

Port Pirie from the Lighthouse area
The Lighthouse an Point Lowly

see an eye specialist. We do not have any specialists here – they just come up every now and then and hold a clinic which is always very busy.   The last photograph is Port Pirie from the lighthouse area. Port Pirie looks close enough but to get there is is about 175 Klms  Up and across the top and then along one side of the gulf from here to Port Augusta, then  down the gulf again from Pt. Augusta to Port Pirie. It’s a long drive. For some reason two posts wont allow me to reply. For reasons unknown my reply has been rejected.  So if you have noticed my lack of comments, this could be the answer.

9 thoughts on “Locally Out and About for a while

  1. Here’s hoping the winter days aren’t too cold. There’s been an issue with WordPress lately and it’s been maddening with being able to comment on certain blogs. I logged out and when I went back in, tried to trick the system into thinking I was a first time commenter. That seemed to do the trick. Hopefully it might help you out. Stay warm and enjoy those rides out to the beautiful scenery you always manage to find.


    1. It has been hovering around the 18c mark for a few days but that’s still on the very cool side. This morning we went out and I rthought it was safe enough, but halfway through the walk, the rain came down. We got a bit wet but I was dressed for it and Benji was rugged up in his stroller. Well, I have to say that you were one of the blogs that I had difficulty with. I copied what I had written then logged out and in again, but no joy. Hope this works.

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      1. Several have said they have had problems. When you log back in delete your blog name and you’ll see the fields. Act like your new and fill in the fields. I was in touch with WP today and hope to get a post out about before Norman and have to be at the hospital. 🤞🏻 Sorry for the cluster.


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