Spring, Printers, RFDS and Magpies

6:16am yesterday morning during our walk.

Thursay; 1st Day of Spring!  The boy and I had a great walk this morning and, yes, he is still in the stroller. I think 3 miles is a bit too much for him these days. Yesterday, Annabell went for the CT Scan and the results were faxed to Flinders. Today around 11:30am, Flinders telephoned and gave us the results. The CT Scan has cleared up a few things and  the results are quite clear. The cancer has grown slightly  but enough to upgrade a stage. However, they believe this is not  too serious and they would start her on medication that will help with this.  We arranged for the medication script to be sent directly to the pharmacy  and afer lunch we went down to the shopping  centre to collect the medication. Well, there you are – this medication is not available here and after telephoning varions  places, the medication will come from inter-state and be here Saturday afternoon. The joys of living in a small countgry area!  Apart from all that, she is  responding well. She gets tired but otherwise she is not  too bad. Flinders did mention that we would be down for  day surgery  end of October or early November

Epson Ink Tank Printer ( Not mine)

Tails/Ranch bought an Ink Tank Printer and I am just wondeing how it is going. I have been printing a lot with mine recently  – much colour – and the ink levels don’t seem to be moving.  Not that I am complaining but it seems that although I have printed much, the ink levels have barely moved. Annabell did mention that at this stage I would be looking at a second set of cartridges for the ink jet. The only other person I know who has a “Tank” printer  and I would be interested in knowing how that one is going. I just have this frightful feeling that one day I will look at the high level of ink, set a task and the levels just vanish to nothing and I have no ink . And yes, Paranoia  is part of my make-up….

Annabell has been unwell the last day or so. Nothing too serious but she has been very tired. We  suspect that it is a question of her body getting used to the new medication she has been given. I worry about her. – well, I have to – that’s my job.. Five days into Spring and the weather has been fine. Light and lovely sunrises in the early morning and sunny as the day progresses. At times it has been warm, not hot, just warm. The forecast for the week in Adelaide is rain, rain and even more rain . In the forecast Adelaide gets a forecast  a week in advance, whereas we only get the next day.   Benji has been making the most of the weather outside spread out on his chair or on the  “bench”I made for him.  It is a very low bench with a full bench cover at the back and a second one at the front. He sometimes, depending where the sun is, jumps on that and spreads out, catching the rays   :o)

RFDS shortly after takeoff.

Last week we had something medical almost every day, which became quite tiring. This week we only have one medical appointment – she has to see her doctor on Thursday morning and the rest of the  week is free. Well, it is only Tuesday and there are three more days to go and anything could happen. ( And generally does!)  I was asked to do a fundraiser for the RFDS  on Saturday morning and I said I would provided Annabell was  ok.  I will have help from son John and Rosemary so it

It’s that time of the year – Magpie Swooping Season.

will work out ok provided the weather is good, Fortunately the trees in this area are few and far between. This generrally means that I can walk along the road without too much fear of being attacked.  In streets down from here where there are many trees, it can be a dangerous time of the year – Magpie Mating Season and they attack anyone or anything (even cars and pushbikes) that for them represents a danger to their family. Once the young have grown up for a few months it all  tapers off and walking is safe again.

6 thoughts on “Spring, Printers, RFDS and Magpies

  1. we hope your annabell feels better after her body accepts the new meds and we hope for good news when you see your doc and we cross all fingers in advance for the surgery…


  2. Absolutely love my Epson tank printer! It’s printed gobs of pages since it was installed approximately 9 months ago and the black tank has only used about a 1/4-the three color tanks have used only about 1/8 of a tank. It came with 3 black tanks so I should be good for quite some time. Sending positive thoughts to Annabell and hope she starts to feel better soon with the new medication. Please give sweet Benji an extra ear rub from me.


  3. I’m glad to read in the comments that Annabell is feeling a bit better since you published the post. Fingers and paws crossed here for good surgery results, whenever it happens. I still have my 2 inkjet printers but I don’t use them nearly as much as you or Monika do, so they handle the load well for me.

    Happy Spring to You, Annabell, and Benji!! I’m looking forward to Fall here. I’ve had enough of summer. I’m ready to cut off the air conditioning and open the windows for some crisp fresh air!


    1. Thank you. I just need some warmth. I have been complaining all winter about the cold and I am looking forward to compalining about the heat :o) Between, the Church Magazine and the Conferences in Adelaide, my printer gets a good workout. Annabell is slowly getting better – not quite so tired, which is good. It’s raining this morning but we did manage to get our for our walk.


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