Spring Continues – Wet!

Port Augusta: This is hailstones – not snow

After a nice start to Spring – it bucketed down yesterday. Really heavy rainstorms with  the  odd roll of thunder to keep us awake. Parts of Port Augusta were flooded – not as serious as New South Wales, but enough to cause disruption to traffic for a   while.  Further north from us they had Hailstones – bit of a mixed bag all round, really.   It bucketed down here but no reports of any flooding although the pit at the end of the street was full and that’s about 15-18 feet deep. I know, why do we have a pit at the end of the street?  ( even if it is fenced off)  Some years ago we had a mining and resources boom.   Land was being sold off and houses were being built mainly  up in this area. The  plan was to extend  construction all the way to the main highway. Then the boom ended and construction halted.  Well, at one point we were the last house and beyond us was scrub. When the houses were built beyond us the storm drains were extended but when construction ended there was no place for the storm drains to go, so  hence the pit. The storm drain empties into the pit and the overflow into the empty land beyond. Well, ok it’s a solution – not a great one, but  not a lot of choice really.  I  suspect they reasoned that since we do not

have a lot of rain, it was an easy  decision.

Annabell is a lot better – still gets tired but not quite so much.  We were supposed to be at the specialist now, but a telephone call yesterday informed us that Mr. Alam was ill and all  appointments were cancelled for the moment. We are due to go back down to Adelaide late October. Not sure if the new Cancer Lodge is ready for guests yet – haven’t heard anything and it would have been in the state news if it had been opened.  The opening of a  new State of the Art Cancel Council Lodge, is much too good a photo opportunity for a politician to miss  :o)

Benji on his “bench”when the sun was out for a little while.

Today started out fairly fine –  but as the day progressed the  next storm front came through from the west and we are now in the middle  of a new round of rain storms and high winds driving the rain. The news tells us that Port Augusta took another hit today and the flooding increased and hailstones brought down roofs. One lady had her ceiling collapse on top of her – however she is ok. Further north, roads were flooded and people cut off for a while. And guess what ???  more rain storms forecast for tomorrow. During a break I  drove the car to the end of the road and had a look at the pit – it really is overflowing. I

It was much higher than this last night

have never seen it like that before. Provided the rain stays off for a bit tomorrow, I will try and get a photograph or three. However, by the time I do get out and it is light enough to take photographs, much of what I  see tonight will have gone.

I did not open the computer until after I had returned from our morning walk, so it was  around 6:55 am when I opened the computer and read that Her Majesty the Queen had died. There is much sadness today and I will be interested in seeing how things develope. I have a feeling that many  events will be cancelled here. . I will have to  change the Order of Service for  sunday. Not too sure what to do – never having done anything remotely like this before. Indeed, not many people have – she has been there for  all of our lives. I actually didn’t think he would use the name Charles  – Charles I caused a Civil War and  was executed, Charles II didn’t really do much other than set the groundwork for a second Civil War  although they don’t like to use the term  “Civil War”  for the second conflict and insterad call it  “The Glorious Revolution”.  The RFDS Fundraiser went well and we were finished by 1pm ( 9am – 1pm) Endedup in a short family gathering as Andrew brought Connor down for a little while – which was “interesting”  :o)

6 thoughts on “Spring Continues – Wet!

  1. Happy to read that Annabell is feeling so much better!! I bet you and Benji are, also!

    That’s some drain pit!! Hope it never overflows into people’s homes! We’re getting rain here today, too. Thankfully I don’t have to go out anywhere for the rest of the day, other than the back yard for Zen to potty.


    1. It was strange weather while it lasted. The pit starts to evaporate fairly quickly, and the nearest house is quite a bit away from it. Today started off mild so I hope it stays that way for the rest of the day. Tuesday and Wednesday are medical days, and we hope to know when we are due to go back to Adelaide


  2. My goodness…such disparate weather patterns. But at least temps are more moderate in spring and autumn. Our heat bubble broke and we’ve had a couple of lovely days. I’m hoping the 90ºF temps are gone until next year. Indian Summer seems so much kinder. Glad Annabell is feeling a bit better. Hugs all around with ear rubs to the lad between his sunshine snoozes.


    1. Yes, no doubt about that – it was a very strange weather pattern week – flooding, hail, massive rainstorms and damage to property and people stranded for a while up north. Annabell is not too bad – thank you – still gets tired but we manage. First sign of sun and he’s out there. I had to dismantle things, but I’ll start to put them back again.

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