Set-Back, Sunshine and Benji

Song title: You don’t send me flowers: I got 7 for this with a few adverse comments about the background

Over two weeks (18 days days, actually) into spring and  thus far we have had rain on 11 of these days – up until yesterday. It has been cold in the early morning (6am) but dry, so we have managed to get out for our morning walk. Both Benji and I are well rugged up for the cold and he is quite happy in his stroller. By  06:05  it is daylight and I am too late for the dawn. Still  I did get some nice photographs. I have not seen any of the Magpies yet. As I said, I used to feed them in the mornings but no sign of them, Still, it’s early days. Annabell has  been  qood this last week or so although Flinders have increased her medication for a while. One of the things that has annoyed me is that when we tell  another female where the cancer is they immedicatly start talking about a hysterectomy. I know they mean well,  and she was starting to think that way herself, but given  her  ‘other’ medical conditions, such an operation would be  too dangerous for her. We asked Flinders and given that it would be a  danger to her life,  they said that they  have not even considered it.  Ok so we have had a bit of a set-back – these things happen.

Just to ensure that I didn’t have time to weary, Benji took sick.  He vomited a couple of times. I was a bit worried about him for a little while. He was  very lethargic and refused to move out of his bed. I  tried to lift him and carry him through to my room ( it was bedtime) and he snapped at me. He’s never done that before so I  knew he was not a well boy. However, I wasn’t going to leave him alone in the dark. He always sleeps in my room and sometimes he sleeps at the end of my bed. Well since he didn’t want me to touch him, I took hold of his bed and dragged that, with him in it,  along the hall and  through to my room. During the night he jumped up onto my bed and I woke up with him beside me. 6am and he seemed not too bad  but he  went out the dog door and I was a tad concerned. I decided to do the  “Evening Walk’ rather than go

Benji in his stroller ready for our 3 mile morning hike.

with the stroller. and that was good decision since he just about filled three doggie bags. Since we came back from that walk he has been fine – back to his normal self again. I suspect it was something he had eaten  – peanuts  loom large

I sent in four photographs for the competition, both category  (Song Title) and  open. The judge ( in Adelaide)  didn’t really like my photographs much and I didn’t

Morning Has Broken: 5 for this one because the judges said that the “Halo”round the sun was  Unnatural – so I must have created it for effect.

score very well. But disappointed at his comments. I scored  5 for the “Morning Has Broken”. I didn’t create the halo and I actually have no idea how I would do that anyway so I was a bit concerned about that comment. The “You don’t bring me flowerers”, scored a bit higher but still concerned about the adverse comments re the background. The AGM of the group is late October and I am not altogether certain that I will continue after that. I am not really learning anything. Anyway, I like taking photographs and I  never said I was good at it  :o) I am, however, trying to talk myself into a new camera but it’s hard going  :o)

Sunday,  weather wasn’t too bad although we did have rain and high wind at odd times. Monday (yesterday) however, was very different. It was a beautiful spring day – warm, light breeze, much sun – all round a really good day. Today – Tuesday – cold, wet and miserable with thunderstorms. Tomorrow- Wednesday – wont be all that much better.  The good news is that the ladies Tuesday get-together is back on again. So I dropped Annabell off  which means just me and Benji here for a while  tonight.

3 thoughts on “Set-Back, Sunshine and Benji

  1. we hope benji is all ok and the bad sickies never come back… I love the no-flowers photo… it has a meaning and it fits… maybe your nearly spring time is not the time of no-flower photos? ;O)))


  2. Very sorry for the setback. Please convey my thoughts to Annabell that the increased meds help her out. And poor Benji…so sorry about his feeling poorly. Hopefully nature moved things well along and he’ll be fine. Hopefully spring will show up full of promise.

    When I was in college, I took a BW photo of a vintage tombstone of a famous historical soldier from the area and there was this aura about it. My professor seemed to like it but I thought it was somewhat eerie but appreciated her feedback. I’m sorry the judge criticized your efforts. I liked your shots. I’m not sure he knows a good image when he sees one. Keep shooting what inspires you!


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