A Mixed up October.

Part of the upper Flinders Ranges

October started off well with the first few days being warm and sunny. Well, yes, we did have to give up an hour of sleep but it’s Monday and I’ve got over it. Today, Monday,  started off well and still sunny but as the day wore on it became cloudy and by late afternoon the rain started. The forecast for the next few days is wet and overcast.. The rain didn’t start until Benji and I got back from our walk and I was able to get things under cover  whilst it was still light. On the subject of light, I was getting used to it being bright in the early morning but now that the ckocks have moved, it’s dark again, but it is lighter at night. – not much yet, but getting there.  The rain started  mid evening on Monday and continued all through the night and into Tuesday. We did not go out  for our walk on Tuesday morning. Well, yes I could have put on the Cagoul and gone out on my own, but he wouldn’t have understood why I was going out without him. Even as I sit here

A native bush. Not sure what though

at this moment I can hear the rain bouncing off the Carport. It is pretty heavy. Perhaps if the rain clears up we’ll get out later. Yes it will have to be much later. I have recieved a message from the Post Office that a package is being delivered to me today. If It is still not arrived before Annabell wakens, then I will have to stay until she does.  The package is coming from a Department Store – David Jones. Got mail from them some weeks ago telling me I had money sitting in my account and I had not purchased anything for almost two years – would I like a refund?  I thought about it for a bit then decided no, I would use it. So I added some extra to what was there and bought myself a new Fitbit – Charge 4. SE.  The Fitbit I have is nearly three years old.  On the subject of Fitbit, it has been having a bit of a rest.

At 06:10 this morning

Although not as heavy as what is happening in Adelaide, it has still been raining up here so we have not been out walking these last two days. Aparently the weather has been pretty wild in some parts of Adelaide and surrounding areas – flooding, trees down, homes and cars badly damaged. No reports of any serious injuries thankfully.  Today we are told that it will be warm and sunny until mid to late afternoon then a rain-storm will roll in from the Bight. So that’s something to look forward to.

Annabell has not been too bad. Still  not a morning person – but she’s getting better. The up and down of her illness is taking a bit of a toll on her and she tires easily, but otherwise,  we are managing. We are waiting on  the date for the next visit to Flinders Medical. All they could tell us at the time was that it will be late October – November. I suppose at the moment that’s about as specific as they can be, so  a  spot of patience  for the time being.

I had Benji at the Vet at the start of the week. He is still scratching and we still do not know what is causing it. The Vet believes he has an alergy  but we have no idea what. However, he has given him a cortisone  injection and we’ll see how that helps.  Apart from that he is well still likes his food and  we still go walking.. There is a possibility that it could be a grass alergy so I have been keeping him away from the Ada Ryan Gardens. We have gone back to the Wetlands but only in the afternoon when I know Annabell is okay and  Benji and I can take off for a little while. As long as we stay on the path and off the grass we should be ok. I have Synthetic Grass since real grass would be murdered by the toxic leaves of the Eucalyptus Trees.  Go across the road – still in my street – and things are different. That is all new housing and no trees, except trees that have been planted by the owners.  The trees that were uprooted causing serious damage to houses, cars and structure in Adelaide these last few days have all been Eucalyptus Trees. They are great in the outback where they belong but not in an urban environment.

2 thoughts on “A Mixed up October.

  1. Sounds like your climate is topsy-turvey. If only Mother Nature could balance out the moisture around the world so there wouldn’t be droughts or floods. Not a great choice.

    Having just recently joined the ranks of fitness monitors, enjoy that new Fitbit. These devices are pretty neat. Stay dry if you can and relish the extra minutes of daylight.


  2. Yes at times it it is difficult to know what to wear. This motning I was out with Benji and it was quite nice. It’s now 08:30 and getting cold. Sometimes you just can’t win :o) but put the fire back on and at least break even..


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