Printer, Sunrise, and a long road home

Oh no!! It’s only been four months and the black ink on my  Epson tank has gone below the top line. Is it ok to panic now?  :o)  By this time, considering what I hve been doing lately, I would have gone through  at least two sets of ink cartridges, so that’s quite a  saving. If it continues at the same rate  then it will  have paid for itself in no time. However, even at the present it is still the best investment I have made recently. Strange morning. When we went out last night the moon was high in the sky,  bright and white. This morning ( 06:10) the moon was low in the sky and a pale yellow – very odd. Well, I thought so.  Did look on-line and it’s just atmospheric dust, least that’s what it says, and there was me thinking it had some significant  importance.

Yesterday Morning (06:15)

Had a telephone call from the President of  “The Pink Ladies” (Hospital Ladies Auxillary)  and they would like to use the church hall for their meetings twice a month and also asked how much we would charge. They have been told  that we do not charge but if they  wish to give a donation once a year – at Christmas for example – that would be quite acceptable. However, before we make any final arrangements we will have to contact our insurance people and  talk to them first. We will do that this week so we can give an answer to the request as quickly as possible.

Well, it’s Monday again and this morning was fresh but with a fantastic sunrise. Trying to operate a camera and control the stroller with Benji inside it not so easy so I don’t. However, I do have a half decent Android Galaxy   Phone and it does take some really nice photographs. I haven’t at this moment downloaded them but I will.  I wont be able to do this for much longer – take photographs in the early morning – at least not from the area I walk in. Much of the land is being cleared which means that there will be new housing, so not going to have an interupted view over the  spare ground for much longer.

Long Road Home

The  Royal Flying Doctors ( Local Branch) continues to expand and  at the meeting we welcomed three new members. I will be out of things for a while. I can’t take on any fundraising projects  until we hear from Flinders and get the dates for Adelaide. I felt it would not be good to agree to do something and then have to back out. Not only that but the lady that works with John Jnr and I will not work with anyone else. So I can’t agree to anything until I know when we are due in Adelaide – and probably not until after Adelaide. Mind you,  the “team”and I have managed four events since the last Adelaide visit. Provided everything goes well this next visit to Flinders,  we should be fine for Christmas and New Year.

Last night the weather presenter said that there would be rain today. However, she did say,  and showed  charts,   to back up her presentation, all of which indicated that the rain would come in the mid afternoon today. I took Benji out for our morning walk at 6am and the rain started when we were at the furthest distance from home.

Still my boy.

Yes, we got wet and it is now 7pm and the rain is still falling. It has not stopped the whole day. At the moment there is some small  flooding here with little sign of the rainbands moving out of South Australia for the moment.  I have a problem with all this and and that problem is that  this kind of weather makes a fellow feel homesick!!!  I was out at the Photography Group this evening and now – at 22:05 – it is still raining.

The visit to the vet  and the  injection seems to be working.  He is still scratching a bit – mainly his ear – but he is a lot better than he was.  I’ll take him for a follow up on Friday this week.  On the subject of injections, there is now talk about a 5th vaccination for a new Covid stain. Is this ever going to end???


4 thoughts on “Printer, Sunrise, and a long road home

    1. Not surprizingly, it is the black ink that has gone down – the coloured inks are still at the top line. All these documents and church newsletters and, really, hardly any movement…

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