Flinders, Home and Tests.

Nearly Rememberance Day. Commando Memorial Spean Bridge ( not my photograph)

The day after we arrived home from Adelaide, I took Annabell to her doctor. That same afternoon we had a telephone call from Flinders requesting a CT Scan and they were emailing a Referral Form to me ( for her)  The form arrived and I shot up to the hospital to try and arrange things for Friday – or Monday at the latest. Flinders were going to discuss her case at a meeting on Thursday and needed the Scan Results. Well as it happened,  1) they did not do the scan required at that department 2. even if they did it was the wrong referral form and 3. they were closed on a Friday anyway. By the time I got home and called Flinders everyone was gone for the day.

Friday morning I telephoned Flinders again and the person I wanted was not available, but the nurse there said she would pass on the message as soon as she was.  At   about 10:30 I had another telephone call – from the local hospital – to tell me that they had a request from Flinders Medical to do a Special  CT Scan. They  are bringing in a team to do this at 12:30. We were there at 12:10. The scan was done and we went to Westlands for lunch- to break her fast-  and shopping.  Flinders phoned in the afternoon to tell Annabell that  they needed the scan for the  the meeting on Thursday when her progress ( or lack) will be discussed. They did tell us that the treatment of the last two years has not worked as they had hoped.  Centainly it has held the cancer in check for that time, but has not  destroyed the cancer cells as they had hoped. The meeting next Thursday will discuss where  we go from here. The Doctor we speak to apologised for the mix-up on Thursday.  The upshot of all this is –  I stress, Annabell takes everything in her stride.

Apart from a few

At the moment that seems about right.

small showers, the weather, since we returned from Adelaide,  has been great, 29c Saturday, 28c Sunday, 30c today and 31c tomorrow and that, sadly is it for the time being – Wednesday back to rain and storms. I found this thing on the internet and I  think it’s just about right.

Wednesday- and the temperature for today is 35c – no sign of any storms or any rain anywhere. I had some odd looks from the  early morning drivers – I was walking on my own – no stroller and no Benji. He went into Annabell’s room and despite my rattling car keys and opening the door twice, he did not come out of her room, so I left  alone,  well me, passing drivers and 20,000 flies, oh and the joggers were out – first really warm day and look out for joggers. There was one jogger went past me – he was tall, skinny as a rake and I swear a half decent wind would have blown him over.  I had a look at the radar and found that there is a storm out in the Great Australian Bight which could be heading this way, but looking at the direction it will pass below us.

My son is working from home, but he is still available for an emergency call-out. This happened and he called me to ask if I

There is always Benji!

would come over and look after Connor for a while. I said I would. I arrived – he left. Connor is home because there was  some concern with staff at the school so a number of the students were sent home for the day- Connor being one. Actually all we did was watch children’s television and he played games with his tablet. Five years of age and he has his own tablet and cell phone. My son does not tell Connor what to do – he negotiates with him.  Then after all that, Connor does what he wants to do anyway. A lot of this is reflected in the present legal system – which is really a bit of a joke. We have serious problems with youth crime and violence and when I say youth what I mean is 12, 13 & 14 year olds, stealing cars, joy riding, breaking into shops and offices – attacking people. They get arrested and the magistrate gives them home detention or a suspended sentence. Sometimes they get a monitor bracelet, which they cut off – get arrested again and we go through the same pointless performance again. I don’t know what the answer is, but we can’t keep on going th way we are.

5 thoughts on “Flinders, Home and Tests.

  1. The phone call came on Thursday afternoon and it would appear that the treatment is actually working – very slowly, but working. Decision is to continue with treatment but increase medication.


  2. One of the few things I did as a parent with my kiddos was to never negotiate with them. Once they learned I was the one calling shots, we all enjoyed one another better. So did everyone who interacted with them. Here’s hoping the doctors get a better handle on Annabell’s case-good luck with getting what she needs to get better.


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