Adelaide, Hospital and Cab Concerns

Wednesday 2nd Nov.

We arrived home just after 11am today. The drive down was fine until  Bolivar and the rain started and stayed with us all the way to the  Lodge. Once we had booked in to our room and Annabell had settled down I went to reception to book and arrange a taxi  to the Flinders Clinic for 05:30 Monday morning. The hospital had indicated that they would like her to be there for 6:10 am. We were up showered and dressed and downstairs waiting for the taxi – which never came We still waited and after some while the newspaper delivery  van arrived and I managed to get a taxi number from him. I called the cab company and they had a taxi  with us within  6 minutes. We just arried at the hospital when I had a telephione call. It was the doctor expressing her concern that we had failed to turn up and  they were worried about Annabell. I explained what had happened and said that I had just entered the hospital and  we would be with them in a few minutes.. We were 53 minutes late. However they took her right away and I  took off to Marion Shopping centre.. At 11-20 I was back at the hospital, went for coffee and at 11:40 the nurse called and said that Annabell was ready to be picked up. I told her where I was and  she said she would be down in a few minutes.

She took us over to the rank, made certain that Annabell was settled and went back to the clinic. We  spent a whole five minutes in the cab when the driver sunddenly announced that due to an emergency he would have to pass us on to another cab so he returned to Flinders Hospital, We got out and he sped off. The second taxi refused to take up because he didn’t know where the place we wanted to go was. The third taxi didn’t know where the place was but would take us if I  put the address into his tablet to he could set out  a route – this I did and even then he drove past the place and had to do a U turn.  Once I  settled Annabell down and made sure that she was ok, I went down to reception and reported the failure of the ordered taxi to arrive at 05: 30. She told me that they have been having some problems with this taxi company and the Cancer Council has made a complaint to the company.

Mid afternoon I walked up to Norwood Centre ( about three miles away) and did some shopping.  I just came out of the centre when the rain started so rather that hang aoubt for a bus I  got a cab back to the Lodge. I made her coffee and sat and watched TV with her for a while before we went  down to the kitchen and I cooked dinner.  Before setting off it had been my intention to get Annabell a new tablet. I did stop off at the shop on the Sunday but they did not have what I wanted. I  intended to get it on the Tuesday in the City after Annabell was settled down and ok. To be honest we were both so tired and  exhausted that I really didn’t feel like going and the rain didn’t really help. So no new tablet — yet.

We left Adelaide at 5am this morning and  apart from one  rainband we had a good drive home. The rain only lasted for a little while

John Jnr looked after Benji for days we were away – he generally does. When we arrived home, Benji was so glad to see us. He jumped all over me then ran to the door and stood there whining and kind of crying because one of his peepel was missing. Annabell, as I had said is very slow and Benji was anxious to see her. She had to get inside then stand still whilst Benji fussed over her – she couldn’t move. I think he was so glad to see her. I think he was glad to bee both of his peepel.

Tomorrow (Thursday) and I have to take her to her own doctor for a medical appointment. At this stage Friday and the weekend are free. It is not my intention to organise anything other than Church on Sunday morning and the family for dinner Sunday evening. I am looking forward to a restful next week. ( says he, with a smile on his face and hope in his heart!)

7 thoughts on “Adelaide, Hospital and Cab Concerns

  1. Ah yes – the problem is that a certain group from another place, has bought most of the independants so we really only have one major Taxi company in Adelaide – My Goodness Gracious Me.. Without much choice other than Uber and ride share, there’s not much we can do. Up here a Company called “Des’s Cabs” own all the taxi’s here and in Port Augusta. They also run the bus service. As for the Free Friday – that’s gone by the board – thank you Flinders!


  2. Good grief, you really had some unpleasant experiences with the cabs, didn’t you. Talk about a run-around! So sorry about that. Makes you wonder if the company only hires people with a pulse because clearly the drivers are not very caring about their riders’ needs. Do take care, give Annabell my best and a nice ear scritch for the Benj.


    1. The problem is that the independent Cab Companies have mainly been bought out by a single company – financed from “another Place.” Many of them have no idea where anything is and only barely speak English. Since they have bought out most of the independents there is only ride share and uber remaining. We did have a bit of a concern last time when the cab drivers refused to take us because Annabell can only sit in the front seat. She cannot get into the back seat – not even in my car . However, the hospital sorted this out and we put it down to concern over an upsurge in Covid. There has been a lot of concern about the cabs in Adelaide in recent times.

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