I will be  off-line for a little while. Annabell had a seizure yesterday afternoon and was rushed into hospital. There were two ambulances here and the paramedics worrked on her before transferring to the ambulance then, with  lights and sound switched on, took her to the emergency. The boys and I were there until 10pm last night and I have been there much of the morning. I have come home to  have a quick wash, get something to eat then get back up to the hospital. I wont stay quite so late this time as poor Benji didn’t get fed until after 11pm.  Apart from anything else she will need sleep and rest to recover. Mr. Alam is concerned with regard to the treatment being done  at Flinders. It is possible that the  units producing so much extra hormones into her system, may have a bearing on what’s happening.  I will be interested to know what he  finds out and then decides what to do.  I will try and keep you  up to date.

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