Annabell 2

There is always Benji!

As I  mentioned in a previous post, Annabell was rushed into hospital on 14th November. She was taken from emergency to the High Dependancy  Unit where she remained for 5 days. She was then transaferred to the Womens’and Childrens’area where she remained for a further four days until she was released on Wednesday 23rd. Everything was going well and she was  not too bad, She watched TV for a bit and that was fine, then she decided to go to her room and  clean up some of the email, which was also fine. I went to do some work on my computer. Everything was well until I heard a cry and a thump. I remember thinking “Oh No!”and rushed through to her room and found her lying on the floor, awake and conscious but unable to move. I called out the emergency service, which took over an hour to arrive. The paramedics apologised for the delay and said they had a busy time. Anyway, they worked on her and  using a new – pretty groovy – collapasable  chair type thing were able to lift her.  She didn’t want to go to hospital but the para-medic said that her blood pressure was over 225 and, really,  they could not leave her. So at 1am we went to the empergency area of the hospital. She was looked after there until almost 2; 30am when she was moved to a  single bed room in the new area of the  hospital – which – of course – was at the other end of the complex.  I went with her and saw her settled,   then at just after 3am made my way back to the car, which was at the far end of the hospital. I dare say the walk did me the world of good! although I can think of other things to do rather than walking around  the outside a darkened major building, and into an equally darkened carpark  at 3am.

She remained there  for two days and was finally released at 10am this morning. At home she is very weak and I have to  look after her. She cannot get into her bed so she is currently sleeping in her very comfortable, electric, reclining chair. She is a bit unsteady on her feet so she has to use a walker that the hospital loaned me. for a few weeks. Because of  the arrangement, I have set up a camp bed in the lounge room so that I am on hand when she  “needs to move” I  help her out and then  back into the chair.  Benji reckons this is good with mummy and daddy  and him all sleeping together.

At the moment she is still sleeping and I have set up  a “mistress-servant” system   lol –in other words –  she has a small handbell which she can ring if she needs me or wants to move. I will let people at church know that  they can telephone and talk to her whenever they wish. The phone is next to her, so it’s not a problem. What I would prefer for the moment is no visitors. With the campbed, walker and other equipment, visitors would be an intrusion – well meant, of course. Also if the car in not in the carport it means that I am not home and since at the moment Annabell is still weak and has difficulty moving, getting out of her recliner –  moving the walker to the door could lead  to a fall and  she cannot afford another one.

I was told, however, that the brain scan results have still not come back from Adelaide. As soon as they do and Mr. Alam examines the  findings he will  consider what, if any action needs to be taken.

For the moment, she is tired and quite week, but in time she will recover. Perhaps not back to what she was, but whatever that is, we will live with it.



9 thoughts on “Annabell 2

    1. Well, she is starting to move a lot better at the moment, so that’s good. She did wake me only once and that was at 05:20 which was good because I get up at 05:40 anyway and take Benji out for our morning hike. Thank you for your good wishes. I will pass them on to her.


  1. Sorry John, I just can’t hit the ‘like’ button with this news but glad she’s back home. I will intensify my healing thoughts of energy. Please give Annabell my best wishes with hugs and tails to you and Benji.


    1. Thank you. Now that she is back home, we can work with that and the camp bed brings back happy memories of hiking and camping in the Scottish Highlands and our frequent trips to Glencoe, Inverness and Dornoch. So, there is always a positive side to things, and she only woke me twice during the night.. Time and patience and she will get stronger and better with each passing day. Thank you for all your kind words and your thoughts. They are much appreciated.

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