Walkers, Improvement and Terminations.

There is always Benji!

On Thursday I took Annabell to the shopping centre for a little while I would have taken her sooner but on Monday I was in hospital for eye surgery (Right eye)- and was not able to drive before Thursday. I was supposed to go back to the hospital on Wednesday to have  the left eye done, but I cancelled that because I  felt that I was unable to look after Annabell adequately with one eye out of action – so to speak – I could do even less if it were both eyes. I discussed my thoughts with my son, who was my driver for the Monday and he agreed, so I had the second operation delayed for  four weeks – although it is more than four,  weeks since the next available appointment is Monday 23rd January.

She did well on Thursday and was able to complete what she wanted to do at the Supermarket. However, she wanted  to go to the Chemist and we started  to walk  there. However, this business is at the far end of the shopping centre and that was jut  too much for her, so I got her to a seat and I completed the  trip to the chemist and talked to the pharmists and got the medication she needed. It was two days early but I also explained that  it was taken to the hospital and  it was what was returned.  He  has known us for a long time and we got it sorted out and she  was given her medication.  My right eye has still not settled down but at least I can function  fairly well.. I have an eye patch which I wear to bed. The  reason for that is the concern that I  might rub my eye during the night and thus damage the new lens although after six days I think that’s not really a concern, but I’ll keep doing it for a litte while longer. The eye patch is Black and Annabell said I looked like a pirate with it on. Interestingly enough, I can see fairly well, but I have difficulty reading. However, I am told that this will settle down in a few  weeks.

The boys have been good. Andrew was a bit concerned but he has settled down now now that his mum is recovering. . However, the boys have decided that they will be organising Christmas this year. That’s good and takes a lot of stress from Annabell  (and me) It is quite a good few years since the boys  organised Christmas, which was held in Andrew’s House, which is where is will be held again, I suspect.

I have  given considerable thought to  any decision about what I am going to do about these posts.   Not much of this medical  stuff was planned. By not much I mean that my eye operations were  planned about five months ago, then all this concern over Annabell, I think I could very well end up regreting having terminated something I  get pleasure from doing, and besides, as I said before I would be constantly wondering how people were and how the dogs were. But that aside, I still feel that it has outlived its  time and  it should be closed down – so that’s what I will be doing. December 31 st. will be the last day after that I terminater WordPress and this post.

Annabell is continuing to recover,  her mobility is getting better.  I have got over my bout of depression but the after effects of that still resonate, and probably will for some time yet.  Annabell still uses the walker but even the boys commented that she is walking a lot better even with the walker. However, as soon as the hospital period is completed the walker goes back to the hospital. She does not want me to buy it .”Trouble with using these things is that after a period you can start start to depend on them and then you can’t do without them” – that’s what she feels. If I don’t get to say it later,  Thank you all for your continued support over the last years. I am sorry to leave but I feel it is  really necessary.. After 31st December please remove me from your mailing lasts. I will being to close down everythibng else.

3 thoughts on “Walkers, Improvement and Terminations.

  1. We’re very sorry you’ll be leaving the Blogosphere but understand totally. You will be missed. Continued good wishes to you and Annabell. I hope she continues to improve. Stay well, keep smiling and have a lovely Christmas. Hugs and tail wags from me, Norman and the Ninja. Belly scritches for our favorite Down Under pooch. 💔


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